Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beautiful, Hot Day in Texas

Our grandson, John, bought a boat that is comfortable for us as seniors!  It's a pontoon boat.  It is very stable, but it's fast as well.  Today he took us to Lake Mineral Wells State Park.  Here are a few photos of the beautiful Texas scenery here in Texas.

Lake Mineral Wells is a great place to boat, fish, rock climb, hike, bird, or ride your horse.  If you haven't visited it, I highly recommend it!


eileeninmd said...

Hello Sue, congrats to your grandson on his new boat. The lake photos look pretty. I like the pontoon boats, I feel safe on them. Have a happy Monday and new week ahead! BTW, thank you for visiting my post and for the comment.

Molly Totoro said...

My parents had a pontoon boat when the kids were younger. We would travel to their lakefront home in Bella Vista, Arkansas, each Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day and riding the pontoon boat was always the highlight of the summer. Such fond memories....


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