Raf and I are blessed with seven grandchildren.  Our oldest granddaughter, Danielle, is pictured here with her boyfriend, Joe.  She will graduate from Texas A&M in December.  Joe has already graduated and is working in ranch management in south Texas.  They make a precious couple.

I am an only child.  I had a wonderful childhood, but I wish for that "what if" if I could have had siblings.

Raf had a brother and a sister, but his brother died several years ago.  Fortunately, his sister moved down here from Ohio to Mineral Wells so that we could all be together.

Our family is extremely important to us.  As I said, God blessed us - we have three daughters, as well, and of course we have many cousins on both sides.

Gratefully, we are able to keep up with most of our cousins, and, on occasion, to even see them from time-to-time.

Here is a photo of me and my closest cousin.  We were young teens when this was taken.  We talk weekly - sometimes more than that - and it's great to have someone who has some of the same memories and shares some of the same genes!

Dear God, we thank you for the love of family, for, even with the ups and downs that come with family we know - WE KNOW - that if we need something...someone to talk to...these people will take time to listen and to care.
We ask your blessings on all of our family, and on all families throughout the work.  
Please bring us closer - to love, to share, to worship, and to care.
In Jesus' name we pray.  Amen.


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