Winter in Texas

We took drives yesterday and today and look at our Texas winter - under no snow and ice.  The temperature was in the 70˚Fs both days, but the air is till very dry.  Yesterday we drove the Lake Mineral Wells State Park, and today we drove to Graham, Texas.

We are in the midst of a huge drought, and here in the first photo you can see how dry it is.  This is Rock Creek which connects to Possum Kingdom Lake, but there's no water in the creek, and the lake is way down.

However the bare trees give us a good look at tree structure, and the beautiful green of a Live Oak tree contrasts with the bare ground and dead grasses.
Here is a small Live Oak trying to spring fort from under a huge rock.  I love the color and shape of the rock, and I love seeing the shadows.  Just a few days ago there was no shadow because of the cloud cover.
When our grandson, John, was small he would see these sorts of places as "somebody's home' - meaning, perhaps, a snake or a mouse.  I think he might be correct!

Anyhow, we had two beautiful, sunny days.  Now, don't get me wrong - I would much rather be cold than hot, but after numerous days of snow and ice, it's nice to see the sun!  I just hope in August I can say the same thing!


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