A Good Weekend of Work, Play, and Worship

Today we attended Mass at All Saints Anglican Church in Weatherford, Texas.  This is the church where we were confirmed many years ago.  The rood screen at the front was one that Raf helped install when we were here.  It's a beautiful, small church, and the oldest Anglican church in Texas west of Fort Worth.  The Mass is sung and the Spirit of God can be felt all around.

This was just one thing we did in a wonderful weekend.

Yesterday, we went to Weatherford to eat at the Golden Moon on our way to watch our grandson Tim's basketball team from Westlake Academy play in the state finals.  Westlake came in second in the state!

 The Golden Moon has been in Weatherford for decades, and we have eaten there since it opened.

Tim is in the middle in this photo facing to the right.  He is a senior this year and will graduate in June.

Last night going home we drove by where we had our wreck in November...November 1, 2013.  It was scary for me, but thankfully I have a husband who puts up with me and my fears!  We made it through the traffic circle (roundabout).  At the time of the wreck I was trying to take a photo of the Parker County Courthouse.  I did it this time!

After Mass today we ate at Olive Garden, and, frankly, I think our local Pasta Fina is better!

Yesterday I completed this Little Sweetie dress for my oldest, closest friend's granddaughter.  It was fun to make...made of cotton.  I think the edging set it off very well.

The buttons were mother-of-pearl which are antique buttons Mother had.

Now, to get back to making afghans!

See ya!


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