Throwback Thursday

This was taken at "the farm" in Miami, Texas, where the nieces and nephews worked every summer for our Aunt Marguerite.  This was about 1958.  I am on the left.  In the middle is my daddy's youngest sister, Silva Louise Ficke Dillard, and on the right is my cousin, Wilma Lavern Hall Powell.  Both Silva and Wilma are no longer with us.   Lovely women, weren't they?  Of course, I was the shortest!  I was also the only girl with red hair!


You have a wonderful blog! I like this photo, it says quite a bit about the fashion of this time.
Sue in the Wood said…
I hadn't thought, but it is a definite fashion commentary. Cool! Thanks for visiting!
Barbara said…
Love old photos. 1958 - the year before I got married.
Wonderful vintage photo. Is that a washing machine in the background?
Sue in the Wood said…
I believe it's s cooker of some sort...deep fat perhaps.

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