Throwback Thursday

When Raf went to Tennessee, in 1974 on New Years' Day, he traveled with his band, Diamond Reo.  Here, in 1980, we were visited in Middle Tennessee by one of the band members, Jeff Traintime - and, before you ask, Jeff's birth name was NOT Traintime, but he changed it for publicity reasons.  Here we see Raf on the right and Jeff on the left.  Jeff now lives in California where he worked in marketing with a record company.  Another of the band also lives in California and is a publicist.  Thankfully, Raf turned to his original field of engineering and then to teaching - for a much more stable career!


betty putt said…
Very interesting! Oi didn't even know that Raf was apart of Diamond Rio! You must write an autobiography!!!!
Sue in the Wood said…
In fact, this was before the other Diamond Rio!

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