Freezing Rain is Happening NOW

This morning the sun tried, but failed, to peep through the cloud cover.  We had awoken to ice pellets on the ground, and all the schools around us had canceled class for the day - ours however kept to its schedule.  But now, at 2:52 pm freezing rain is falling from the sky, and I am concerned about how they are going to get all the children home.  The temperature is 30˚F and falling.

Our weather map looks like this, and we are on the western edge of the last cluster.

Wunderground keeps us well abreast of the weather in our area!

I just heard from a blogging friend, Tony Kelly, that in Pennsylvania they have sunshine and were able to tramp around Presque Isle in Erie, Pennsylvania.  No so here in Texas!

My wish is that when it's August this year, our days will be cooler, as I have never seen this sort of winter in my 71 years!

Hope wherever you are, you're warm, well, and happy!


Anne Jeffries said…
I'm fascinated by all this weathet stuff, Sue. The winter here in Missouri is like nothing that anyone can remember and that count includes the oldest of the oldsters. I know it is really terrible for some and I've met a few of them yet I'm glad to be here to really know what it's like. The crazy thing is that it was much worse in December with ice storms. All my Saturday night sci-fi channel movies about crazed weather apparently became reality then. So, I've still missed the worst. Thank God for small favors.
Jim said…
Your weather is pretty, Sue, if you are prepared and don't have much outside to do. Every year I say it is too cold here and I know it is worse other places. My sister in Iowa had -11.

I will check on your book. It sounds really good.
This storm came thru our area here in the mountains of South Carolina and left us with 14 inches of snow!! :-)

Michael :-)

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