Mish Mash of Things

As you can see, this is a much better photo of the owl.  Raf has a great zoom lens for his camera.  The owl stayed there until almost dark, and we were trying to watch all the time, but he flew out, I guess.  Today it is bright sunlight and temperatures are soaring into the 50s, and we have not seen him as of noon.  I hope he has not left for good!  It was spectacular having him here!

I've been working on these two afghans since January 1.  Do you like the colors?  The bluey-green one is made of homespun by Lion Brand, and it's extremely heavy.  The other, which is complete, is not as purply as it seems here...it's blues with a tan.

Our "Christmas Cactus" has become a pre-Lent, Valentine cactus.  As you can see, all three colors are showing - red, pink, and white, and one of the whites is really a tan color.  That's probably because it's mixing with the red and pink!  What do you think?

I snared this graphic from the net to wish you all a wonderful weekend and a blessed next week!


Anne Jeffries said…
Your Holiday Cactus (everything fits this beauty) is gorgeous and would grow legs and run in terror if it even got a whiff of my house. Only death lurks there. I will enjoy this from afar and applaud your gift of nurturing her so well.
Sue in the Wood said…
I often have black thumbs, but this cactus I just leave in a north window and water when the notion strikes me. Seems to like it! And I'm growing outside flowers each summer now, too, so perhaps my thumb is gray rather than black!

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