Fort Worth

Today was the first time we have been to Fort Worth since our wreck three and 1/2 months ago. It went better than I expected. Got the things done we needed and then saw a wreck right where our wreck was. It looked terrible...a motorcycle!  This was at the circle around the Parker County Courthouse. 

But we accomplished many things.  Got a replacement for my phone.  Got a new dripper for the birds. Went to Central Market for special food.  Ate at Kincaid's.  And we went to Asel Art off 7th, 825 Foch Street, for some supplies.  The art students who man the place were making paper bag puppets.  They are so cute!  This is by far one of the best art supply stores in the area.  It's right in the museum district.


Willow said…
Loving the paper bag puppets :)
Jim said…
I am glad you had a nice day in Ft Worth, Sue. The Asel Art store with the students busy there looked like fun too. We don't have then here. I see you had as big sale to attend.

I hadn't known of you wreck, were you or hubby hurt? Was your car? Three and a half months ago was before the ice. I will see if you blogged about it.

Thank you for peeking in on me. You are on my list as I haven't changed it. But sooo many on it don't blog anymore. I am glad you continue on. The memes keep me going I guess, with a different sent of friends there.
Sue in the Wood said…
Thanks, Jim. I did not blog about it...had it on Facebook, though. We were both injured. He had a broken hand and I have internal bruises. We are better, slowly. Car was totaled by a meth-head.
Barbara said…
The last time I went to Fort Worth was 1994!

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