Throwback Thursday

I have many letters from my daddy, John McBee Ficke, telling Mother he wanted to get me a horse as soon as he returned from World War II.  And he did just that.  This is several years later, 1951, at 934 West Long in Stephenville, Texas, as Daddy leads my first horse, a Shetland named Dolly, around the back yard.  Beside Dolly is one of the many of her foals, name not remembered.  She always threw palomino foals, as did my later barrel pony, Sis.


TexWisGirl said…
you were a lucky girl. i pined for a horse but it wasn't until i was an adult i could get my own (and by then, i was afraid of getting hurt so never became a good rider). :)
Willow said…
I absolutely love this old photo .
Nice to know we share a love of horses, as you probably know from my blog .
I use to barrel race too :)
Sue in the Wood said…
Yes, I was very fortunate. My daddy was a cowboy, and horses were so important to him. I was his only child. He had seven sisters and a mother and a wife, so I became his "tom" boy! He and I did everything together. I had a fantastic childhood. I grew up in Stephenville, Texas, and I now live 42 miles up the road in Mineral Wells.
Awwww, sweet thing your daddy did for you. And the photo shows good times.

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