Cleaning my Office/Studio

 Well, today I began the tedious, slow process of cleaning my office/studio.  I actually got one desk cleared - and most of the file boxes planted in a better place.  I am a thrower awayer, so the trash can is now full.  I would love to keep boxes for Turtle, but Turtle doesn't like boxes and won't go near them.  Oh, well.  Here is my computer/writing station.

To the right of the computer and up is a shelf.  I often have things from that shelf on my desk because, while Turtle does not like boxes, she loves shelves.  As Jackson Galaxy says, she is arboreal.  She could walk on the ceiling if she could!
Finally, this is where I am working on a journal as a gift.  I will not go any farther, as the rest is a mess - including all the button I have to pick up because Turtle was able to open the button drawn and throw it to the table!


I have worked today also writing my Reflections column for the Index, washing a load of clothes, reading my Bible, and voting.  Today begins early voting.

As I have done much of this, I have listened to Nora Jones on my Pandora.

Hope you had a good day!


Barbara said…
I find my art/computer room a real chore to clean as there is so much stuff out.

I love clearing out too and a great relief when I can get rid of something.

I see you have an Apple Mac!

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