Winter Day?

Well, it is almost winter. For Texas it is just plain blustery. Temperatures in the 20˚F's at night. 'Course the wind is always blowing here, but in the late fall it becomes extremely potent! It blows the leaves off the trees, and they swirl around on the ground hiding all sorts of pit falls. And low and behold I ran into a pit fall today! This has been a very depressing day in many ways. It actually started out quite good. The sun was, and still is, shinning brightly. I went to DAR this morning, Daughters of the American Revolution, and the members are a dear group of patriotic women. On the other hand, it didn't end, the meeting, that is, quite as well as it began. Oh, well...what could one expect, after all? I got what I more to say about that. A pit fall is a pit fall!

Raf picked up 2 dozen tamales from the Catholic Bazaar. They will be part of our Christmas dinner. YUM.

We are having steak and baked potato tonight, but I made leek and potato soup for tomorrow night and the kids are coming over. Soup is always better the next day.

I had seen this little limb earlier, so I went out and picked it up and sketched it. It sort of goes along with my general feeling of malaise.

So...that's all for today, folks! See ya tomorrow!


I've always loved tamales...and now living in Texas, I realize it's a traditional food. I'm so happy to be Texan.
Sioux said…
Glad you're a Texan, too, Anni!

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