ATC Swap for Willowing ning

The theme for Willowing ning's ATC swap this month is SNOW! Granted we don't have any snow here in Texas-although we should by Christmas. Why, last year we had a blizzard. Never had seen anything like it here in this part of Texas (guess Al Gore's global warming is getting to us, too ;>) ).

Any who, these are the two ATCs I made. Tam hasn't sent up the name of the people we are swapping with, yet, but at least mine are ready to go.

Now for the challenge of drawing girl and deer. That's her other challenge this month!

Just received my French journal from It was recommended by Suzi Blu, and I ordered it from her friend at HygeiaAvenue because she takes paypal.

Too bad more stores online don't take paypal. It is such an easy way to pay! I have begun my first page in the journal. I have never kept a real art journal...I have several but I don't journal in them. This one I am going to journal and draw in! That's my challenge.

Remember all you people in the Mineral Wells area...we are starting an ALL ART club...first meeting is at St. Luke's, 600 NW 6th Street, on Wednesday, January 19, 7 pm. The program will be painting silk scarves with sharpies and alcohol. Also, if you have a piece of art you would like to share, bring it, too!

All for now...see ya tomorrow!


Annie said…
Hi Sioux,

Love the brown/music atc. I ran across so ATC's I made years ago and remembered how much fun they were to make. Perhaps I will eventually start up again.

I like your journal. Stores are taking PayPal. It's so easy AND secure. I wonder why not?

Your art club sounds like it will be fun. How did it get started? Did you start it? Sharpies and alcohol and silk scarves - hmmm - I'll have to google that for examples. Have fun.

Sioux said…
The journal is scrumptious! The pages feel like leather. They take pen and water color. Beautiful!!
Ha...I remember the very 1st year we were in Corpus...the warm subtropical Corpus...we got SNOW!!! On Christmas Eve no less.

This art club of yours sounds like loads of fun.

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