Scarves and Blooms

Here's some more Sharpie and Alcohol dyed scarves. They really are turning out well. These were made of Nylon Tricot, a fabric used to make slips. I think they can be made from almost any fabric, cotton, silk, etc. I plan to try velvet soon.

The Christmas Cactus is coming along great!


Kate said…
Sioux I really want to try these. I have some silk scarves, markers and alcohol ready. The video I watched just had you mark the scarf and then spray with alcohol, is that all there is to it. Do you rinse, dry and then iron it to set the color? I'd appreciate any advice.

Sioux said…
Kate, I have tried various brands of permanent ink. Sharpies are the best and they come in about a million colors. Blue and yellow are the best for saturation.

You literally color (mark) the area to begin with the different colors you want to use. Then you saturate it alcohol either using a spray, an eye dropper, a dropper bottle, or a syringe. They make different patterns. The colors will blend.

In some cases where the marks are still appearing, rub with your fingers, and just experiment.

This is a lot of fun and very creative.

I have use polyester and nylon tricot, and I have seen it done on silk. I want to try cotton and velvet, but right now I am finishing the galley proofs on my book, so it will be a couple of days.

Oh, be sure to let it dry between each coat or painting. Markers won't paint anyway when the fabric is wet with alcohol.

It takes about a day to do a scarf, working on and off and letting it dry.

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