Sharpie Alcohol Dying...FUN

My friend, Carla, will be teaching a workshop in dying with alcohol and Sharpie pens at our first Mineral Wells All Art Assemblage club on January 19 at St. Luke's Episcopal Church.

Carla showed me the method, and I dyed this scarf for a very special young lady who is a friend of min.

This was really a lot of fun! All-in-all, it probably took me about an hour, but I started and stopped a lot to allow the alcohol to dry between paintings. I really like the way it turned out.

Here is a link to a YouTube presentation from the Houston Quilt Show on how to use this method. I just experimented and experimented, and this was my result. As you can see from YouTube, there is no limit to the creativity!


ReFabulous said…
Absolutely beautiful! I had heard of this technique before, but didn't know how it worked... or that such stunning results could be gotten. Lovely!
Annie said…
So pretty, Sioux. Darn. Now I have ANOTHER link to add to my "gotta try it" list.
lila said…
That is really cool! I'm off to see the video!
Hey that's pretty cool. I have used alcohol on watercolor paintings, but never to dye fabric.
Werna Gail said…
This scarf is beautiful, thanks for the link, I will check it out.I bought myself a new slow cooker and this looks like a good way to break it in, the cookies look sooo good, that is our favorite kind. I thought that was very interesting about the thorn tree. How is the art journal coming
Thanks for stoping by my blog.
Merle said…
Dear Sioux ~~ The scarf is very beautiful- thanks for showing it to us. I just popped over to wish you a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow the 18th. I hope you have a wonderful day my friend and enjoy
your special day. Take care, Love, Merle.
judie said…
Wow, this lookl like alcohol inks, which I found too messy to work with. Sharpies may be more interesting. I'm going to check out the video. Beautiful scarf. Maybe the video will tell me if it is/how to make it...colorfast/washable? Thanks for the link.

Naturegirl said…
Beautiful! Love the choice of colors!

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