Today is a Smelly Good Day!

Today we put up our little Christmas tree. It is ceramic and was Raf's parents' tree. The angel on the left was my mother's and the one on the right was Raf's parents'. I got the cross from a friend when I had my knee replacement.

This is Mother's nativity scene. Of course, as it isn't Christmas, Baby Jesus isn't there, and the wise men are traveling from afar (on a table across the room).
I am making beef soup today to eat tomorrow. This was when it first started, so you can still see the pieces of cabbage, carrot, onion, etc. And steam!
Made these oatmeal cookies do eat and to send to someone special who won't be here this Christmas.


Annie said…
That soup looks divine. Beef stock? Beef? and the veggies? Just all slow cooked together.
Felisol said…
Hello Sioux,
How wonderful that you have kept heirlooms both from your and Raf's family.
They are beautifully arranged as well.
Serina feels like you, that baby Jesus shouldn't arrive until Christmas Day, but I say, we have Christ with us all year in our home, so he's welcome from first day in advent.

The beef soup simmering all day in the pot, umm, I just had my dinner plans ready.
judie said…
I think your house must be peaceful and serene. Soup looks delish! Happy Day!!! xoxo
PEA said…
I'll be right over to eat some of that soup and cookies!!!! I wish!

I love your Christmas ornaments, such treasured and precious mementos from loved ones. I had a similar ceramic Christmas tree but ended up giving it to a friend who admired it so much. I really didn't have room for it so I'm just glad it found another good home:-)

My mom would only add the baby Jesus to the nativity on Christmas morning like you do...brings back a lot of memories. xoxo
suzanne cabrera said…
Boy does it look cozy at your house. We had one of the ceramic trees growing always brings good memories to mind!

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