Christmas Party 2010

Well, our 25th Annual Christmas Party is now a thing of the past. This year it was on John's 24th birthday. The first one was held two days after he was born! We had a lovely group of friends at the party this year. Raf's sister, Mary Lynn Seibert, comes from Findlay, Ohio. My cousin, Ron Johnson, always come in from Midland. My childhood friend Betty Moss comes up from Granbury, and this year our friends Bob and Gunni Berry came all the way up from Brownsville. Bob and Raf were in the Air Force together in Denver and Panama in the 1960's and found each other about 8 years ago. Anyway, we certainly had a great time at the party! Thanks all of you for coming...and the ones who didn't, we really missed!

Carolyn, Sue, Gunni

Sarah unwraps her Christmas gift (this is the scarf I dyed last week), as John watches.

Ron and Sammy catch up

Louise, Andy, and Ginger in the background; Bob, Judy, Doris, and Jack in the foreground.

Sue, Betty, Lou, Randy, Ron, and Sammy

Mary, Carolyn, and Gunni...and a bunch of other people~


John and Sarah

Raf and Gunni

Bethy and Riley


We had as good a time as we seem to be having! I have no photos of Bob, but surely there is one somewhere. I will post more later.

Again, everyone...thanks for making our Christmas so special!


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