French Journal and Girl and Deer

I began working in my French journal yesterday. I did an introduction page. The round thing is a small mirror...doesn't look like it when scanned!

This is the deer and girl challenge by willowing.ning. I am dating each entry in the journal to try to make it more journal-like.

This afternoon we are supposed to have winds at the "wild fire" stage, and as we are so dry here I suspect we will have some fires in the county. Tonight Raf will be the entertainment for the Rotary Christmas party.

That's all folks!


PEA said…
Hello dear Sue:-)

I'm playing catch up once again, it seems that's all I do lately!! lol Good for you for starting a say a "French" journal, does that mean you'll be writing in French in it?? Or is it just the type of journal it is?

I've read all of your posts that I missed and I must say, I was absolutely fascinated with your post about the Hayrick, Texas ghost town. You know me and stuff like that. lol

Love the art you create, you are so talented!! Love ya! xoxo

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