C. S. Lewis and the "Dawn Treader"

Have you read C. S. Lewis? Are you familiar with Christian allegory? If you said "No" to either question, then you must read Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, and you will learn about both!

Recently I went to a viewing of the new movie, "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader", which is either the third or fourth book in the Chronicles - depending on whom you believe. But that is NOT the point!

I saw the movie, and I do believe that if I had not read the Chronicles, which I have about 7 times, nor seen the movies, which I also have, I would have had no idea what was going on. I just finished reading the "Dawn Treader" again to satisfy my feelings about the movie.

I understand that Disney is disappointed in the money they have NOT made thus far on the movie - wishing they had made more, but, in fact, the movie strayed so far from the book that Lewis fans have probably panned the movie, as am I!

However, to the book, to all of Lewis' books be they the Chronicles or his others, I give a great review. Lewis is one of the greatest Christian apologists of the modern age, and if you miss his work, you have missed some of the greatest of 20th Century literature!


Joseph said…
Can't really agree with you, Sioux. Yes, much is always omitted in any movie. However, the crux (pardon the Latin pun) of VotDT is where Aslan declares that he is known by another name in our world and the children must learn to know him by that name. The name to which he refers is of course that of Christ, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was left in.

Check out my comments on "Narnia: The Exhibition" in my Live Journal - http://kateslover.livejournal.com/28742.html.

Now THAT was disappointing!
Sioux said…
Joseph, so far as I could see the ONLY thing that stuck by the book was Aslan's reference to Himself as Christ at the end. The exhibition you visited does sound so disappointing! Have you seen the earlier movies...I believe they did three or four about 15 years ago. Oh, and did you know that they are making a new life of Lewis movie...don't know when it is to be out.

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