Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cookies for the Bishop

Annie asked me for the recipe for the Spritzer cookies. I just made a mound of them for the Bishop's visit tomorrow. The recipe follows the photos.

Spritz Cookies (Oldie)

1 lb. butter
2 cups sugar (it said a pound...and that's a pound)
4 cups flour
1 tbs. almond or vanilla flavoring (I like almond better)
1 egg
food coloring as desired

Mix ingredients. Put through the cookie press. Bake at 375˚F for 7 - 10 minutes (7 is closer as the cookies flatten out and are thin).

Spritz cookies are originally from Sweden, and the O and S designs are traditionally Swedish.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

This was the daytime sky in North Central Texas last Friday, from morning, at the bottom, until two hours before a blue Norther came in. Check out other Skywatch Friday photos!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

EDM 206-Undershirt or Vest

I am going to endeavor to do an EDM drawing every week plus, hopefully, other sketches I find. I am reading Danny Gregory's An Illustrated Life right now, and that is certainly encouragement do to this. Thanks, Danny!!

The prompt this week was: "Draw something familiar to you that you know is called something else in another region."

This is an American undershirt which in England they call a vest. Onslow in the British Comedy "Keeping Up Appearances" is always in his vest...summer of winter.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Colorado Lady hosts the "Vintage Thingie Thursday". So if you have a vintage item you'd like to share, go to her site and follow the simple instructions:
(1) do a post about something vintage.
(2) Visit all the participates and leave a comment.
(3) Link in with the Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post.
(4) Be sure to refer back to my blog so everyone can see who is participating today

This is my vintage thingie. It is a mirro aluminum cookie press and cake decoration kit. I had one for many year, and through moves and cleaning it disappeared, BUT I found one on ebay and ordered. I made Christmas tree cookies that we eaten up quickly. Think I'll make cross shaped cookies for the finger food reception for the Bishop's visitation this Sunday. They are easy to make and even easier to eat. Delicious butter cookies.
I made these all the time when the girls were little and had just gotten away from it. But it will be a tradition for Christmas for now on!!

Our ice and sleet has melted and the roads are clear and ready for geocaching tomorrow!! And I am determined to get to drawing again!! And jewelry making, too.

Love you guys and gals. God bless you all.

Blessings and Love to you all today and always!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

VOL Continues the Sad Tale of All Saints' Fort Worth

By Mary Ann Mueller with David W. Virtue

"He has hijacked the parish," commented Remain Faithful chairman Chad Bates about the Rev. Christopher Jambor following Sunday's Annual Parish Meeting.

The battle for the heart and soul of All Saints, Fort Worth, spilled over into the Annual Meeting which resulted in locked doors, a bomb sweep and heart sick parishioners leaving before the meeting was over.

According to reports coming out of All Saints Sunday evening, Fr. Jambor, and his hand-picked vestry were ready for the meeting. They made sure that "voting members" of the parish were previously identified and given official name badges proving they were members in good standing at All Saints. Those without the name badge were denied entry.

There are also allegations that long-time active All Saints members were also precluded from attending the meeting. Normally, an Episcopal parish annual meeting is an open event and embraces interested bystanders. This particular All Saints Annual Meeting was a tight, closed affair.

All Saints has a communicant membership of 1,127 members, so a valid annual meeting quorum would be 118 souls, or 10 percent of the members in good standing. More than 300 turned out for Sunday's annual meeting. In years past, fewer than 200 have usually attended the All Saints Annual Meeting.

The question was raised as to just how "qualified" were the members in good standing. Many of the established members of All Saints saw a host of unfamiliar faces. Nonetheless, these outsiders were considered qualified members in good standing and permitted a seat, voice and vote at the annual meeting.

There were rumors that Fr. Jambor recruited people to made a $5 contribution and temporarily transfer their membership to All Saints in order to booster his membership rolls. Allegedly, some of these people were members from Trinity Episcopal who were asked to transfer their letters to All Saints solely for voting purposes.

"Numerous people were denied the right to vote, even though they protested their life-long membership and affiliation with the church, which was dismissed." H. Fielding Chandler reported in an e-mail to VOL.

"My Grandfather was a founding member of my Church (All Saints) and my family was shown the way to the door," he continued.

"Several members were turned away because they had not paid their pledge or had given cash instead of checks," explained one former member who e-mailed VOL with information he was given following the meeting. "Every vote was rigged."

"The Rector put many onerous measures in place to give him "veto" power of the meeting," explained Bates. "Motions submitted by the faithful were overruled."

One of the "new" annual meeting rules put into place gave the rector full authority to take any action he deemed necessary and disallow appeals to the bylaws.

This resulted in many of the traditionalists being overruled and denied their say.

"Every parliamentary procedure was followed by the faithful, but to no avail," Bates lamented.

Annual Parish members were only given the revisionist view of the realignment. They were told that Bishop Iker had "left the church" and those faithful to him in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth had "abandoned the communion".

Bob Ferguson explained that momentum was building around the misinformation that All Saints is a TEC parish and that Bishop Iker has lead his diocese out of the fold.

"The only fact that seems to conflict with the message is that the Diocese is called the 'Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth'," Ferguson noted. "The message does not include the fact that the members of the Diocese voted to leave TEC for the Southern Cone."

A slate of names was proffered for vestry seats and convention delegate slots. Five nominations from the floor were rejected for cause that being the refusal of nominees to sign the Loyalty Oath.

John S. Morgan explained that five candidates, whom he called "dissenters" and who were nominated from the floor, were not considered viable candidates because "they would not sign the oath required to support the constitutions and the canons of The Episcopal Church."

The loyalty oath has been a bone of contention since its requirement. At least four -- if not more -- of the All Saints vestry have refused to sign the document claiming violation of personal conscience and have consequently left the vestry. The refusal to sign the pledge also resulted in the resignation of one priest and the youth director, last month.

Finally, after much name calling, aggravation, frustration and the blatant violation of parliamentary procedure, about 100 orthodox All Saints members said enough was enough, stood up, and sadly left, leaving the revisionists to their own devices.

"After it was apparent that the Rector would not allow a proper vote, the faithful walked out," Bates explained. "There was nothing legal about how he conducted this. Nothing at all."

"It was a very stressful meeting," explained Christine Martin. "I was only there for the first half and could not stay for the rest."

"This church has been ripped apart," she sadly concluded.

Humble Servant reports on another blog that after the walkout, the All Saints treasurer reported 2008 was the best year the church has had financially in several years.

Yet the December 30 edition of the All Saints church website, "Pro Omnibus Sanctis" reports a nearly $104,000 short fall in pledges with a more than $81,000 cash flow shortage.

VOL has been told that Bishop Jack Iker has been made aware of the tenor and tone of the All Saints Annual Meeting, Sunday afternoon - a meeting he was warned not to "disrupt" under the threat of legal action.

---Mary Ann Mueller is a journalist living in Texas. She is a regular contributor to VirtueOnline

Monday, January 26, 2009

VOL Tells What's REALLY Happening in the Diocese of Fort Worth

Dear Brothers and Sisters

FEAR. It is what VOL reporter Mary Ann Mueller encountered when she began dealing head on with parishioners at All Saints Episcopal Church in Ft. Worth this week as the curtain rose on yet another chapter in the ongoing ecclesiastical battle in the Diocese of Ft. Worth. "They, almost to the last one, are afraid of Fr. Christopher Jambor and his henchmen. They are afraid of retaliation. They are afraid of legal action against them. They are afraid for their children and grandchildren who attend the parish school and the implications which could affect their daily lives. They are genuinely afraid," she wrote. "This is not the Gospel. Christ does not put earthly fear in one's heart. It is all about intimidation, coercion and fear. Fr. Jambor radiates that fear. He held a closed (read locked) door Annual Meeting. He had a boom sweep. He had security guards at the door. That is action born out of fear. The truth is he is afraid of losing the church if the true pulse of the church is taken. His fear comes from loss. His parishioners fear comes from threats of intimidation and personal safety."

Bullying and fear have become twin sisters in how revisionist bishops and priests deal with their theologically orthodox remnant.

The carrot of inclusivity and diversity comes with the stick of conformity. With each passing property lawsuit, the noose grows more tightly around the necks of those who desire only to uphold the faith once for all delivered to the saints. Across the country parishes are losing in their ecclesiastical battles with revisionist bishops - bishops who believe that God has changed His mind about how we should behave sexually and what we should believe about the very nature of the gospel.

In short, it is a no win situation for believing Episcopalians. Furthermore, there is no let up in sight. GC2009 will be a victorious ecclesiastical orgy of pansexual acceptance led by TEC's queen bishop (his own words to comedian Jon Stewart), V. Gene Robinson whose triumphant faux prayer at President Obama's inauguration in Washington will see him hailed as the emperor of sexual pluriformity. There is no hell for revisionists, just more "liberated" sexualities freed from biblical prohibition to be brokered into the church in the name of the renamed "androcentric" inclusive Triune God who allows everything in the name of "love."

The battle of the DIOCESE OF FT. WORTH grows in greater intensity with each passing day. The priest of All Saints parish is locked in mortal combat with Bishop Jack Iker who insists that Canon 32 be heeded by the rector to find out what the parish really wants. It is also a battle between The Rev. Christopher Jambor and the parish itself. He is not willing to let the parish choose whether to go with the bishop and the Diocese of the Southern Cone or stay with The Episcopal Church. You can read three stories about all this in today's digest including a legal threat made against Bishop Iker. Bishop Iker only wants the parish to have the right to vote. There is plenty of provision for those who wish to stay. Jambor's ungodly fear-driven approach is only dividing the parish. Things got so bad on Monday that over 100 parishioners walked out of a meeting held by Jambor behind locked parish doors.

One anguished parishioner, H. Fielding Chandler wrote VOL saying he and his wife walked out the front door in disgust. "A friend of mine, told me that he was denied the right to vote at the parish meeting, because his 'confirmed' status could not be verified, although he was married at All Saints'. I have known his parents and his sisters, one of whom was on the ballot today as a delegate, for the better part of my life. I have always known all of them to be members of All Saints'. Numerous other people were denied the right to vote as well, even though they protested their life-long membership and affiliation with the church, which were dismissed."

Visit Virtue Online

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Girls of 1961!

Today five of us who began school in Stephenville, Texas, in 1949, at Central Ward School, met together for lunch. Two of us did not graduate from Stephenville High School, but we still keep up with the people with whom we were young.

From left to right we are Helen, Molly Betty, Sue and Cynthia. We had a great time talking about when we were children and about what's happening in our lives now. It was a beautiful day!

I hope we can do it again, and soon!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blue Norther Sky

These are examples of a winter sky in Texas. They first show the beginnings of a "blue" norther.

Visit Skywatch Friday.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Geocaching in Parker County

Today we found three caches in Parker County, Texas...yes, named of Quanah Parker's mother's family...her uncle, Colonel Isaac Parker (if you don't know the story, Cynthia Ann Parker was kidnapped by Indians).

On May 19, 1836, Fort Parker was attacked by several hundred Caddo, Comanche and Kiowa. They killed several of its inhabitants. During the raid the Comanches seized five captives, including Cynthia Ann. Within 6 years, all the captives had been returned to their white families, except Cynthia Ann who remained with the Indians for almost twenty-five years, forgot white ways, and became thoroughly Comanche.
In the last years of Cynthia Ann's life she never saw her Indian family, the only family she really knew. But she was a true pioneer of the American West, whose legacy was carried on by her son Quanah. Serving as a link between whites and Comanches, Quanah Parker became the most influential Comanche leader of the reservation era.

We went down a couple of road we had not been down before. Here we are on the Old Millsap Road, we came upon a large flock to tom turkeys and across the road a few buffalos! Fun day, but the wind was extremely high.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today, after church, we went to Graham. We Geocached on the way up, and we then watched our grandchildren having fun together. Our two thirteen-year-old granddaughters really enjoy each other, and sometime they enjoy Travis, age 10, and sometimes they just enjoy texting, and texting, and texting!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

Both of these were taken this week in little country cemeteries here in North Central Texas in the late afternoon with a clean, sunny shy and temperatures around 50˚F.

Tune in to Skywatch Friday for other sky photos.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Check out Postcrossings for an interesting way to travel the world through the internet and the postal system. Join Postcrossings and get addresses to mail to. Then post your postcards on Flickr and Postcrossings to share. The postcards are beautiful...some even hand made, and the stamps are remarkable! This is a lot of fun!

US-323669 and US-323581
Originally uploaded by SiouxCiySue

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Virtueonline Explains the Diocese of Fort Worth Position

David Virtue

FT. WORTH, TX: All Saints Parish Priest Axes Staff, Defies Bishop

News Analysis

By Mary Ann Mueller with David W. Virtue

The rector at All Saints Episcopal Church, the Rev. Christopher Jambor is holding his parish spiritually hostage by using a loyalty oath to coerce his clerical and lay staff to toe the line. The axe has fallen on one priest, The Rev. Zeke Rogers; Youth Minister Matthew Maples; and at least three known vestrymen, Dennis Ward & Chris Swartz, and William Brackett. More vestry resignations are anticipated.

They have been fired for failing to sign the Oath of Office for Service, which states "no person may be a member of All Saints' Episcopal Church who is not a member of The Episcopal Church."

The problem is All Saints is canonically no longer a member congregation of The Episcopal Church (TEC) of the United States. The parish's canonical ties with TEC were formally severed when the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth voted to realign itself with the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of the Americas under The Most Rev. Gregory Venables - an Anglican ecclesiastical province in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Following its 2007 Diocesan Convention, The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth implemented Canon 32. At that time, a number of Diocesan Canons were amended to help facilitate the anticipated 2008 realignment process. One of those amended canons was Canon 32, which calls for an equitable way for dissenting parishes to leave the Diocese with their property intact.

Under the Canon, parishes such as All Saints are free to leave the Diocese, following a parish-wide vote of the membership aimed at assuring Bishop Iker that it is the collective mind of the parishioners to remain with TEC. This action is not to be taken on the will of the rector and vestry alone. The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas has a similar canon in place.

Canon 32 calls for the dissenting parish to:

(1) explore formal separation from the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth; to
(2) make sure the church's financial obligations are met and current; and to
(3) hold a parish-wide vote which demonstrates that it is indeed the collective will of the members of the departing parish to realign with another ecclesial body. "

Based upon Canon 32, the All Saints rector, does not have the canonical authority or power to singularly override a validly voted upon Diocesan Convention decision.

He is stonewalling his people and forbidding them to call the question and vote on whether his parish wants to remain with the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth or retrocede back to TEC, headquartered at 815 Second Avenue, New York.

"A parish-wide vote would be welcome," Bishop Iker told VOL via e-mail. "It is the only means to determine where the parish membership stands on this. We would respect a 2/3 vote of the parish membership."

Fr. Rogers was unavailable for comment. Maples said, "I am sorry that I am unable to talk about this."

Through their silent actions, the departed All Saints leadership has indicated that they could not in good conscience sign something going against their deepest held core beliefs as Anglican Christians.

Jambor did not respond to repeated telephone calls and e-mails from VOL.

All Saints Episcopal Church remains canonically a part of the realigned Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. The parishioners of All Saints have not called for a vote in order to voice their collective mind in this matter.


The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is a legal entity as well as a religious jurisdiction. It was incorporated on Feb. 18, 1983, as a domestic non-profit corporation with the current chief operating officer being the Rt. Rev. Jack Iker, the third Diocesan bishop, with the parishes and missions around the Diocese being subsidiary to the Diocese.

The charter, bylaws, constitution and canons govern the actions of the corporation of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. No other governing document may have legal preference over these, according to a Texas-based attorney who blogs on "The Commonweath Report".

Accordingly, as an incorporated entity in the State of Texas, the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth is therefore free to enter into any association it wants and to also disassociate itself from any organization it has previously joined.

"No nonprofit corporation is required to remain in association with any organization with which it does not wish to remain," explained The Commonwealth Report blogger.

He also explained that any legislation - such as the resolution to realign -- passed by duly chosen representatives of the corporation - such as the delegates to Diocesan Convention - is binding on all constituent members of the corporation - such as parishes, missions, clergy and church members - even if they voted against or do not agree with the action.

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth was perfectly within its legal rights to disassociate itself from TEC.

"The only corporation that the Episcopal Church has is the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society which is only incorporated in New York and not authorized to do business in any other state, "explained the Rt. Rev. William Wantland, retired bishop of Eau Claire and assisting bishop of Fort Worth who is also an experienced civil attorney, and a noted Episcopal canon lawyer.

"Canons of TEC outline the procedures for a diocese to be associated with the New York religious corporation, but there are no canons in place to direct the disassociation of a diocese From TEC," he said.

"There are no prohibitions in the canons of The Episcopal Church for a diocese leaving The Episcopal Church," 'Immortalitas Equestris' said, explaining the silence of canon law rules under the Law of Silence.

Following the realignment of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, a group of Episcopalians within the Diocese, desirous of returning to The Episcopal Church, circulated a "Handbook for Vestry Members". In it, a group calling themselves the North Texas Episcopalians Steering Committee issued a warning about Canon 32: "Don't go there." They argued that it was an attempt on the part of the Diocese to land grab.

Liberal Internet blogger Katie Sherrod, in her "Desert's Child" blog on the "Wilderness Garden" website, attempted to perpetuate that fallacy. She wrote: "Canon 32 is an illegal canon, passed by those intent on leaving the Episcopal Church and taking its property with them."

The truth is the Canon was put into place as a compassionate undertaking by Bishop Iker in order to pastorally release the members of All Saints and any other Episcopal congregations in his Diocese, who sought reaffiliation with TEC while allowing them to retain their church properties.

By his actions, Bishop Iker has endeavored to make possible an equitable separation between the realigned Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth and those congregations that want to retrocede back to TEC.

However, a number of parishes are attempting to put a stumbling block in the smooth execution of Canon 32. They have been advised by the Steering Committee of the North Texas Episcopalians not to cooperate with the guidelines that have been put into place to assure a congregation's separation from the realigned Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.

To date, there are seven intact churches, five dislocated congregations and one blended group seeking to return to The Episcopal Church. In addition to All Saints, Fort Worth,, St. Christopher's, Fort Worth; St. Luke's-in-the-Meadow, Fort Worth; St. Martins-in-the-Fields, Keller; St. Stephen, Wichita Falls; Trinity, Fort Worth; and St. Luke, Stephenville are all seeking to return to TEC.

The dislocated congregations are All Saints, Wichita Falls; Good Shepherd, Granbury; Good Shepherd, Wichita Falls; St. Alban's, Arlington; and St. Stephen's, Hurst. The blended group, the Episcopal Church in Parker County, consists of members from St. Francis of Assisi, All Saints, and Holy Apostles, Episcopal churches in Fort Worth, Weatherford, and Willow Park.

The key to the successful implementation of Canon 32 is the parish-wide vote to ascertain the collective mind of the membership of a particular church.

On Page 6 of the Vestry Handbook, the leadership of the North Texas Episcopalians urges dissenting rectors not to call for a vote, either of the vestry or of the parishioners; to not invoke Canon 32; and to do nothing in the face of the secession of the Fort Worth Diocese to the Southern Cone other than to "adjust your thinking".

"Get used to thinking about yourself as the continuing parish, not a new parish, and a continuing diocese, not a new diocese," the handbook says.

The handbook calls for an "Oath of Office".


The rector of All Saints has circulated an "Oath of Office for Service at All Saint's Episcopal Church, Forth Worth". Apparently, this document is to be signed by all clergy, as well as vestrymen, convention delegates and staff members of the church.

The All Saints' oath calls for its signers to "solemnly engage to conform to the doctrine, discipline and worship of The Episcopal Church."

Basically, one's refusal to sign the church oath is a matter of conscience. No one is directed to swear an oath in the Articles of Religion, which merely states that they "may" do so.

The 39th Article of Religion says in part, "As we confess that vain and rash Swearing is forbidden Christian men by our Lord Jesus Christ, and James His Apostle, so we judge that Christian Religion doth not prohibit, but that a man may [not must] swear ... in a cause of faith and charity, so it be done according to the Prophet's teaching in justice, judgment, and truth."


Nowadays, swearing an allegiance to TEC means that one accepts the changes in doctrine, discipline and worship that have crept into the church through the years as brought about by the spiritually questionable actions at General Convention. This is the crux of the disagreement between TEC and the realigned Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth and the other realigned Episcopal dioceses including San Joaquin, Quincy and Pittsburgh.

In a published Oct. 28, 2008 letter from Bishop Iker to the rector and vestry of All Saints Church, the bishop personally invited the leadership of the Fort Worth congregation to stand with the realigned Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth and to move forward together.

"The problem is that the General Convention of The Episcopal Church has not compiled with the Lambeth Resolution on human sexuality and several Bishops and Dioceses of TEC (including the President Bishop) gave acted in defiance if the requests of the Windsor Report," Bishop Iker wrote. "That is why we are in the crises we are in."

The dividing issues at hand are not a matter of social justice, women's rights or gay pride, but of spirituality and one's very salvation. Nowadays, TEC has adopted the spirit of the age and is accommodating the ethics, values and mores of society rather than those of the Holy Spirit.

True Anglican spirituality and doctrine includes the moral teaching, disciple and worship of the church that are based upon the twin authorities of Holy Scriptures and Tradition. This is outlined, articulated and passed on through the classical Anglican formularies which are traditionally understood to be the XXXIX Articles, the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and Ordinal, and the Lambeth Quadrilateral.

"We are committed to upholding and propagating the historic faith and order of the apostolic church ..." the Bishop continued. "For in doing so, The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth continues to stand with the vast majority of Anglican Christians around the world. Please stand with us."


The Episcopal Church means a church with bishops. The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society (DFMS) does not have a lock on the word episcopal.

Several provinces in the Anglican Communion use the word "Episcopal" in their titles or identities including the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil (Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil); Nippon Sei Ko Ku (the Anglican Episcopal Church in Japan); and Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (Hong Kong Anglican Church [Episcopal]). Also: the Episcopal Church in the Philippines; the Scottish Episcopal Church; the Episcopal Church of the Sudan; and the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East.

Therefore, it is perfectly legal for the realigned Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth to retain its proper name and yet be canonically attached to the Province of the Southern Cone because all the legal documents are titled with the name Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.

TEC is spread beyond the shores of North America with several dioceses switching their canonical status from another Anglican province to the American province. Living up to her name as the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, TEC has dioceses in the Virgin Islands, Haiti, Taiwan, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Also the Convocation of American Churches in Europe, with congregations in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Austria and Switzerland are a part of TEC. History records show that the Protestant Episcopal Church absorbed the Anglican Church of Hawaii upon the American annexation of the Islands. REORGANIZING A DIOCESE

Since the name "Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth" is already a legal Texas entity on the incorporation papers held by Bishop Iker, they will have to find a new name. The Episcopal Diocese of North Texas is too close to call. Both episcopal dioceses cannot use the same name.

Secondly, the Ft. Worth and surrounding area parishes, which the Steering Committee of the North Texas Episcopalians are working with, are still canonically a part of the realigned Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth which is now affiliated with the Southern Cone. There is not a default principle that can bring the unhappy parishes back into TEC. The key to disengaging from the Southern Cone is Canon 32, which the steering committee refuses to recognize and will not allow congregations to call the question and officially vote to ascertain the mind of the parish.

TEC primate Katharine Jefferts Schori has no canonical authority to come to Texas to convene a diocesan convention.

"The canons specifically outline the presiding bishop's authority, which is confined to the general convention, where she presides over the house of bishops, and joint sessions of general convention with the house of deputies. As primate, she is also to take order for consecrations of bishops; visit each of the more than 100 dioceses at least once during her term of office; and to be the spokesperson for the church on various issues," said Bishop Wantland.

"There is no authority to preside over diocesan conventions," said Wantland, Ft. Worth's assisting bishop, "nor is there any provision for the presiding bishop to convene a [diocesan] convention."

---Mary Ann Mueller is a journalist living in Texas. She is a regular contributor to VirtueOnline. David W. Virtue contributed to this story.


Friday, January 09, 2009

A Rose by Any Name

Rose was my mother. In 1917 she was 7 years old. With her only close companion her dog, Rags, she lonely. At age 10 she was expected to take care of her “ailing” mother and to drive her mother to the doctor. Rose was an only child of wealthy parents, but she never had a birthday party nor a Christmas tree. She was a college graduate who married a West Texas cowboy, my father. He died when she was 51. All-in-all, Rose’s life was not much to her liking. She was a sad little girl, and, for the most part, an unhappy adult. But she was a rose.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas Photos 2008

Christmas morning finds us getting up a littler earlier, but not nearly as early as when John was a little boy and usually was awake all night listening for Santa.

Here are he and his girl friend, Arsi, looking at gifts. I made a book of family history and genealogy for our three daughters and the two older grandsons. The pjs John has on were made for him by Arsi's aunt. I think I'll be glad when he isn't dressing like a college student any longer.
Bethy showing how much taller than her mother, Carolyn, she is! While at the same time texting with her new lime green telephone.
In our livingroom sitting around looking at gifts: Darrell, Barney, Carolyn, Arsi, John.
Admiring my new loom which needs to be put in the outside building! Which has to be cleaned up first!!
At Christi's house, opening gifts and visiting...Janie Margaret, me, Jenn
Jenn, Kathi, Carolyn, Tim, Beth, Travis on the floor.
Our three thirteen-year-olds plus Travis on the floor. They all had such fun together!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

ATC--watercolor and ink swap on Swapbot

I like to enter swaps on Swapbot from time-to-time. These are two atc's that were to be original drawings using ink and water color

This was is called Zen Burst.
This one is called "I wanta meet a badger." Ever since reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe the first time, I have wanted to meet a badger. I know they are here, but I've never seen one. I want to see one in the wild!

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Yesterday morning began with a monthly DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) meeting. The home in which we had our meeting was gorgeous. None of us had been there, but everyone had wanted to see it.

The Regent is on the left, and the home owner is on the right, with one of the many stained glass windows behind her.
As you can see our Christmas cactus is going strong. It has had pink, yellow, and white blooms so far, with a lot more buds coming on...some of which will re bright red.
A little more Geocaching today. Check out our Misifus site. Found this Geocoin at Lake Mineral Wells State Park.
Today I begin my month as Adult Sunday School teacher. I am using I, II, III John and Jude...a book a week. I John, like to Gospel of John, emphasizes God's love and stresses that we have to have faith in Christ Jesus and to love.

After church we are going to go south so that we can place the Travel Bug of the other day in another cache.


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