ATC--watercolor and ink swap on Swapbot

I like to enter swaps on Swapbot from time-to-time. These are two atc's that were to be original drawings using ink and water color

This was is called Zen Burst.
This one is called "I wanta meet a badger." Ever since reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe the first time, I have wanted to meet a badger. I know they are here, but I've never seen one. I want to see one in the wild!


PEA said…
You are so creative, I just love those two ATCs you made!! I made a few faerie ATCs last year and had planned on making many more to trade but just never found the time. Maybe I should make it a resolution this year to make more art! Love ya! xoxo
yoon see said…
Yeah, I love the colours that you employed here!hyoonsee
Bonny said…
Love both ATCs, but I got to go with the Badger as my favourite!! He's so cute!!!!

Did you ever read 'Wind in the Willows'? That's what this ATC reminds me of :))
Terry said…
Dear Sioux...This is a very cute badger that you have created but you know what?
Beavers are really cute and you ought to take a trip to Canada to see one and visit Welland while you are at it.
Our nickel has a beaver in it!
Love Terry

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