A Rose by Any Name

Rose was my mother. In 1917 she was 7 years old. With her only close companion her dog, Rags, she lonely. At age 10 she was expected to take care of her “ailing” mother and to drive her mother to the doctor. Rose was an only child of wealthy parents, but she never had a birthday party nor a Christmas tree. She was a college graduate who married a West Texas cowboy, my father. He died when she was 51. All-in-all, Rose’s life was not much to her liking. She was a sad little girl, and, for the most part, an unhappy adult. But she was a rose.



That's a sad story, Sue... Maybe your mother's life wasn't as sad as you think. Maybe she had an 'inward' happiness. We humans only know what we know---which sometimes isn't much! ha...

She obviously raised (along with your father) a very bright daughter---YOU!!! Let's all say HUGS to ROSE today---for giving us SUE.
Coloradolady said…
Oh, what a sweet but sad story. It is so sad when children have to become adults so fast. I do hope she had some happiness she kept to her self.

I am sure you were a colorful rose in her life. A bright spot for sure!
So sad when we don't live up to the potential God has in mind for us.
Terry said…
I second the motion Betsy
Hugs all around!

Dear Sioux..This is a sad story and how sad that she was such a young widow!
And she has such a sweet name too.
Her name means just as it says..."Rose" and her sweet daughter Sue? Well, her name means Lily.
Two beautiful flowers in one family.
Jesus had these names Himself,
Song of Solomon 2:1
I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.

Thank you Sioux for your constant visiting at my blog....Love Terry

Hugs to my Turtle.
Michelle said…
Bless her heart. Huggles sweetie.
Merle said…
Dear Sioux ~~ How sad your mother's life was. Hopefully she was happy with her husband and when they had you and had some years of happiness. I hope they did. Rose is a lovely name. I am enjoying my visitors and my two cousins come tomorrow, so I have cooked some lovely meals for them today.
Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
A beautiful peace of art in memory of your Mom.
As we grow older time gives us wisdom to understand what was revealed to us in our childhood.

A woman by the name of Rose sure will have the rose's beauty, fragrance and flair.
Happiness comes with the territory and is actually not a choice value.

You've honored your mother in a sweet manner.

From Felisol
yoon see said…
Thanks for sharing your story.
My late mum also have quite the similar story.
I do understand their feeling:)
Stapeliad said…
This is a beautiful tribute to your mom...honoring the little child she once was, even though she had a lot sadness in her life.
Sandi Holland said…
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Sandi Holland said…
I pray your mom had a Christmas tree and a birthday party every year in her adulthood. How sweet of you to recognize her unhappiness. I like your ransom note journaling and the poignant questions. I had a sad life as a child and my adult life has not at all been to my liking. I do create beautiful art which gets better by leaps and bounds. This helps me to feel better. And though I still struggle a lot, my relationship with the Lord helps me all the time.

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