Christmas Photos 2008

Christmas morning finds us getting up a littler earlier, but not nearly as early as when John was a little boy and usually was awake all night listening for Santa.

Here are he and his girl friend, Arsi, looking at gifts. I made a book of family history and genealogy for our three daughters and the two older grandsons. The pjs John has on were made for him by Arsi's aunt. I think I'll be glad when he isn't dressing like a college student any longer.
Bethy showing how much taller than her mother, Carolyn, she is! While at the same time texting with her new lime green telephone.
In our livingroom sitting around looking at gifts: Darrell, Barney, Carolyn, Arsi, John.
Admiring my new loom which needs to be put in the outside building! Which has to be cleaned up first!!
At Christi's house, opening gifts and visiting...Janie Margaret, me, Jenn
Jenn, Kathi, Carolyn, Tim, Beth, Travis on the floor.
Our three thirteen-year-olds plus Travis on the floor. They all had such fun together!!


What a neat gift, Sue. That book of Family History is so important for the children and grandchildren. I've done quite a bit of Family History--but so far, my three sons are not very interested. Maybe someday!!!

Great family --and Great Christmas.'
I am still in awe at your receiving a loom!!!!!
Lisa said…
Ooooh a loom. You're going to have some fun! Looks like a wonderful holiday.
PEA said…
Isn't it wonderful to be able to celebrate the holidays with loved ones:-) I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures...and look at that loom you received, how awesome!! xoxo
judie said…
Wonderful family photos Sioux. You are blessed! xoxo
Alice said…
I love your loom! What an awesome Christmas gift! Have you made anything with it yet? It looks like you had a wonderful day. Thanks for visiting my page. I will be back to visit yours again :O).
Terry said…
Dear Sioux...What a heritage of children that Rose has !
Boy it is a lot different Christmas scene than what I knew as a child! These kids are so neat. There would be wrapping paper all over the place at Mom and Dad Goldens and there would be two or three babies ignoring the toys that Santa had brought them and would be playing with the boxes instead...Ha!!!
Love Terry

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