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Dear Brothers and Sisters

FEAR. It is what VOL reporter Mary Ann Mueller encountered when she began dealing head on with parishioners at All Saints Episcopal Church in Ft. Worth this week as the curtain rose on yet another chapter in the ongoing ecclesiastical battle in the Diocese of Ft. Worth. "They, almost to the last one, are afraid of Fr. Christopher Jambor and his henchmen. They are afraid of retaliation. They are afraid of legal action against them. They are afraid for their children and grandchildren who attend the parish school and the implications which could affect their daily lives. They are genuinely afraid," she wrote. "This is not the Gospel. Christ does not put earthly fear in one's heart. It is all about intimidation, coercion and fear. Fr. Jambor radiates that fear. He held a closed (read locked) door Annual Meeting. He had a boom sweep. He had security guards at the door. That is action born out of fear. The truth is he is afraid of losing the church if the true pulse of the church is taken. His fear comes from loss. His parishioners fear comes from threats of intimidation and personal safety."

Bullying and fear have become twin sisters in how revisionist bishops and priests deal with their theologically orthodox remnant.

The carrot of inclusivity and diversity comes with the stick of conformity. With each passing property lawsuit, the noose grows more tightly around the necks of those who desire only to uphold the faith once for all delivered to the saints. Across the country parishes are losing in their ecclesiastical battles with revisionist bishops - bishops who believe that God has changed His mind about how we should behave sexually and what we should believe about the very nature of the gospel.

In short, it is a no win situation for believing Episcopalians. Furthermore, there is no let up in sight. GC2009 will be a victorious ecclesiastical orgy of pansexual acceptance led by TEC's queen bishop (his own words to comedian Jon Stewart), V. Gene Robinson whose triumphant faux prayer at President Obama's inauguration in Washington will see him hailed as the emperor of sexual pluriformity. There is no hell for revisionists, just more "liberated" sexualities freed from biblical prohibition to be brokered into the church in the name of the renamed "androcentric" inclusive Triune God who allows everything in the name of "love."

The battle of the DIOCESE OF FT. WORTH grows in greater intensity with each passing day. The priest of All Saints parish is locked in mortal combat with Bishop Jack Iker who insists that Canon 32 be heeded by the rector to find out what the parish really wants. It is also a battle between The Rev. Christopher Jambor and the parish itself. He is not willing to let the parish choose whether to go with the bishop and the Diocese of the Southern Cone or stay with The Episcopal Church. You can read three stories about all this in today's digest including a legal threat made against Bishop Iker. Bishop Iker only wants the parish to have the right to vote. There is plenty of provision for those who wish to stay. Jambor's ungodly fear-driven approach is only dividing the parish. Things got so bad on Monday that over 100 parishioners walked out of a meeting held by Jambor behind locked parish doors.

One anguished parishioner, H. Fielding Chandler wrote VOL saying he and his wife walked out the front door in disgust. "A friend of mine, told me that he was denied the right to vote at the parish meeting, because his 'confirmed' status could not be verified, although he was married at All Saints'. I have known his parents and his sisters, one of whom was on the ballot today as a delegate, for the better part of my life. I have always known all of them to be members of All Saints'. Numerous other people were denied the right to vote as well, even though they protested their life-long membership and affiliation with the church, which were dismissed."

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Susan said…
It breaks my heart for all of you every time I read of this "mess" (for lack of a better word to call it) on your blog. FEAR, which is the lead word about this is always of satan. The Bible tells us "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" II Timothy 1:7

You are fighting for what is right, Sioux. I am praying for all of you who are. May God give each of you the courage to "Having done all......stand".
Felisol said…
Praying that God must drive fear and evil out of his congregation.
From Felisol

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