Sky Watch Friday

Both of these were taken this week in little country cemeteries here in North Central Texas in the late afternoon with a clean, sunny shy and temperatures around 50˚F.

Tune in to Skywatch Friday for other sky photos.


Guy D said…
Greats shots Sue, you captured them perfectly.

Regina In Pictures
angela said…
Nice, shots especially the sun peeking through those branches.
D Herrod said…
Nice to see some shots from home.
Oh Sue--I love seeing the sun peeking through the tree. Gorgeous photo.
Babooshka said…
Nicley done, these shot can be tricky.
Merle said…
Dear Sioux ~~ Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them with us.
I had a lovely time with my cousins and wished they could stay longer.
I am glad that you are close to a male cousin. I have some that I really love too. I liked your mother
saying "and not a horsey one among them." I like what my grandma said,
"Not a dud among them."
Take great care my friend. Love, Merle.
Dawn said…
I love capturing pictures of the sun shining through the trees. Lovely shots!
Deborah Godin said…
Nice the way the light shines through the trees, and how you just gave a hint of the cemetary. Nicely composed!
I especially like the first one!!!
imac said…
Love the sunlight through the trees.
Barbara said…
A very enjoyable shot.
Smiles B
Teri C said…
I love the sparkle of the sun shining through the trees.
Jim said…
Hi Sue -- I'm glad you are trying SkyWatch. These pictures are nice.
It got to be too much for me so I am on sabatical with that.

Have you been missing me? Thanks for your nice send-off wish.

We just returned to the cold (30's around here in the evenings last couple of nights but only low of 44°F last night) from a 10 day Caribbean cruise on the Queen Mary 2.

I have started to blog again now after a two week break (did put on a poem on the other blog yesterday). I hope I can keep up now but it may still be slow going for me.
-->So come see me at Jim's Little Blog <--
The temperature sounds like Heaven to me! Not fair that you had pretty skies too. ;-)
Ruth said…
Those temperatures are on the cool side for Texas I would think. At least the sun gives an impression of warmth. Nice pictures.

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