Girls of 1961!

Today five of us who began school in Stephenville, Texas, in 1949, at Central Ward School, met together for lunch. Two of us did not graduate from Stephenville High School, but we still keep up with the people with whom we were young.

From left to right we are Helen, Molly Betty, Sue and Cynthia. We had a great time talking about when we were children and about what's happening in our lives now. It was a beautiful day!

I hope we can do it again, and soon!


Susan said…
What fun!!! Glad you go to meet and eat and TALK!! Oh how us woman love to talk :o)
That's wonderful Sue. There's no friends like the ones we grew up with. I have 3 childhood friends that I get with annually for a girls' trip--and I love this time with special friends such as this. All four of us were born in the Summer of 1942--and all graduate in 1960. This past October we went to Tybee Island, GA for a week together.

Glad you all had such a great time together. Thanks for sharing!!
Dawn said…
There is absolutely nothing better than getting together with those who know us so well and for so long. I have high school friends that I get together with as often as possible. It is a treasure.
yoon see said…
Great gathering!
You all look swwet!!!
My last gathering was many years back with my secondary schoolmates....
I really hope for one to come!
JanMary said…
What a great reunion, and wonderful you still all keep in touch.
Annie said…
I love this thread of time you have shared with us. Your lives as friends must be filled with endless stories of life's shared events. I have one friend like that. Multiplying it times five is awesome.
Jim said…
Did that mean there are 61 of you girls? :-)
I am a guy of '51.

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