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Colorado Lady hosts the "Vintage Thingie Thursday". So if you have a vintage item you'd like to share, go to her site and follow the simple instructions:
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This is my vintage thingie. It is a mirro aluminum cookie press and cake decoration kit. I had one for many year, and through moves and cleaning it disappeared, BUT I found one on ebay and ordered. I made Christmas tree cookies that we eaten up quickly. Think I'll make cross shaped cookies for the finger food reception for the Bishop's visitation this Sunday. They are easy to make and even easier to eat. Delicious butter cookies.
I made these all the time when the girls were little and had just gotten away from it. But it will be a tradition for Christmas for now on!!

Our ice and sleet has melted and the roads are clear and ready for geocaching tomorrow!! And I am determined to get to drawing again!! And jewelry making, too.

Love you guys and gals. God bless you all.


Toni said…
Hey Sioux I remember my Mom having one of those. I wonder if she still has it. thanks for the memories.
Bea said…
Yummy! They are the best butter cookies. I have two or three of these, pieces and parts, that I have picked up at auctions over the years. I have yet to use them as I always use my modern, battery powered press.
Jewelgirl said…
These cookie presses make the
prettiest cookies. It is wonderful
how you found another press to
make a new family tradition.
These old presses will never be replaced by the new plastic ones, I have one that my Mom had. My DIL has taken it over, she bakes alot so I went a head and gave it to her.
Oh! I bought one of these for my hope chest at age 18...nearly 40 years ago! It's long gone though.
Ulla said…
So nice you could buy a replacement to the lost cookie press! My MIL had one of the same type, smaller than yours.
Anonymous said…
What a great gadget...i bet those cookies are yummy too :)
Susan said…
I never had one of these, but I do remember them!!! Had forgotten all about them. Interesting.
yoon see said…
So beautiful!
I am glad you show us here:)
judie said…
Well Mz. Sioux, the only vingage thing I have is myself, and I don't think anyone wants to see that. LOL But thanx for the interesting post. xoxoxoxoxo
Smilingsal said…
For years I made those Christmas tree cookies; I even tinted the dough green. I used the included recipe. Thanks for sharing. Happy VTT Day.

BTW: I love your header and wallpaper.
Susie said…
Hi Sioux,
Mom used to have one just like this.
The cookies she made were just delish.
Hadn't thought of it in years!
Hope you're well :)
Annie said…
OMG! I have one of these. I never use it. Came via my mom. Hummmmm, a weekend project in the kitchen perhaps??
Jim said…
I like vintage things a lot. I am always ready to visit museums and antique malls.

In the antique places I go through about twice as fast as Mrs. Jim does. Now in the museums, I like to stay until closing in most.
BTW, I have blogged about a few vintage items (besides the many on cars). The second link below has more, each is different.
You will have to paste these links.

My favorite is the egg scale.
Miri said…
Great Cookie Press :)
gin said…
I remember those. My grandma had one. Nice treasure for you to have and use!!
Well, of they're "even easier to eat"! I'm glad to hear they are easy to make, though - I have a modern cookie press and have hesitated to use it, thinking it was difficult. Guess what I'm gonna do this weekend?
Coloradolady said…
Hi Sioux, this is a great cookie press. Welcome to VTT. Glad you are here. I wish I had one of these, but I have yet to come across one yet. Have a great day!
Kelly said…
I haven't thought about this cookie presses in a long time - my mother had one. Now, we have modern versions. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic
Jim said…
I didn't comment {doing good(!) here, Sue} on your cookie press before, I wanted to check them out on eBay first.
If anyone wants one of these they sell (right now 51 are offered) on eBay from 1.99 (no box), 2.99 with box on up to 15.95 without a box but with a 'tray.'

I will start looking for them in the antique stores.

Mom used to have one, I don't think we ever did. It made pretty cookies as I remember. Most of the time she didn't use it.
Anonymous said…
My mom would make Spritz cookies with her press. And she made Christmas tree Spritz

Good find.

Kathy b
Dawn said…
I've tried to use one of those before and just had a sticky mess! I guess I need your secret!
foxxy said…
I remember having one of those. I don't know what happened to it. I better keep my eye open for one at yard sales. Thanks for sharing
Really enjoyed seeing your vintage cookie press! And to think you put it to wonderful use too!
Blessings to You!
Claudia O.

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