Today, after church, we went to Graham. We Geocached on the way up, and we then watched our grandchildren having fun together. Our two thirteen-year-old granddaughters really enjoy each other, and sometime they enjoy Travis, age 10, and sometimes they just enjoy texting, and texting, and texting!!


Gorgeous grandchildren, Sue... Wonder what we did without cell phones and texting???????

Robyn said…
And I thought it was only Aussie teenage girls who were umbilically joined to their mobile phones :-)
tinker said…
It just amazes me how fast these kids can text back & forth nowadays - and how many different things they can do at once!
Looks like they're having a lotta fun though - and I bet you had a whole lotta fun watching them in action!
yoon see said…
Thanks for these sequence photos.
Wow! They just love texting and wrestling?!
Toni said…
You are so family oriented it is refreshing and wonderful.
Jim said…
Sue, that sounds like a really goooood weekend. Did you learn how to text?

I have post # 2 on our Queen Mary 2 voyage up on JIM'S LITTLE BLOG now.

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