Yesterday morning began with a monthly DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) meeting. The home in which we had our meeting was gorgeous. None of us had been there, but everyone had wanted to see it.

The Regent is on the left, and the home owner is on the right, with one of the many stained glass windows behind her.
As you can see our Christmas cactus is going strong. It has had pink, yellow, and white blooms so far, with a lot more buds coming on...some of which will re bright red.
A little more Geocaching today. Check out our Misifus site. Found this Geocoin at Lake Mineral Wells State Park.
Today I begin my month as Adult Sunday School teacher. I am using I, II, III John and Jude...a book a week. I John, like to Gospel of John, emphasizes God's love and stresses that we have to have faith in Christ Jesus and to love.

After church we are going to go south so that we can place the Travel Bug of the other day in another cache.


How about "teaching" your lesson on Hearts for us, Sioux :o) That would be wonderful.
P.S. I mean, each one throughout the month.
Hi Sue.... My mother was in the DAR. I could be--but choose not to join any groups at this time. I'm so busy with the other things in my life that I don't feel as if I have time. They do have a good DAR group in our area. SO--maybe someday!
Michelle said…
I am sure you will enjoy teaching Sunday school. Huggles.
yoon see said…
Congrats and blessed to be on God's duty as a loving Sunday school teacher.
Naturegirl said…
Mother is not doing well so I am
trusting God's love for her at this difficult time. Prayers please.Thank you.worried NG
Terry said…
So nice Sioux that you will be teaching Sunday School and how right you are about all the Johns teaching about the love of God. I think that your students will really enjoy this but so will you as you study ahead of time for the lesson.God bless you!...Love Terry

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