Wordless Wednesday: Christmas is Coming!

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Bonny said…
Beautiful Christmas Cactus, Sue!! I've only ever seen them in red or a very deep pink. I've never seen a white one before.
Jim said…
Hi Sue, I like your Christmas cactus too! We don't have any of those.
We didn't have any snow around here this morning either. There was quite a bit down in Houston and east and northeast.
(I posted winter this morning on Jim's Little Blog.)
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue.
Wonderful two colored Christmas cactus!!
We have a red originally coming from Gunnar's 25 year deceased grandmother.
The fine thing is, the cactus is thriving best when it's completely forgotten a couple of month.
It is an indoor plant here north.
Can't even stand the outdoor climate in summer.
From Felisol
tinker said…
Your Christmas cactus is beautiful, Sioux!

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