Skywatch Friday

I'm putting up an early Skywatch Friday as we are going to hear Messiah tonight. Actually this was taken last week out on Old Fort Wolters, here in Mineral Wells, Texas, at about 4:30 pm (night was falling). This was the precursor to a light blue norther. At the time we got some light rain and the temperatures were in the 50˚F's, but today we awoke to bright blue, sunny skies and a temberature of 28˚F! The birdbath was even frozen. Now at 2:02 pm, the temperature is a brisk (because of the wind) 47˚F. The wind, as usual, has been dreadful, and this makes it seem a lot colder than it really is!

Happy Skywatching!


Guy D said…
Awesome pic, thanks for sharing.

Regina In Pictures
Nature is truly beautiful! Happy weekend! Hope you get time to visit my corner too...
Donna said…
This is Beautiful!! Happy day fron Waco, Tx!
babooshka said…
It does have an icy quality which is mesmerizing.
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
Mighty skywatch pic.
Those clouds can bring any type of weather.
I envy you the Messiah. The Canadian Boris Brott for two years has come over and conducted a Norwegian Choir for the Messiah, then traveled down the cost in Advent.
This year he's scheduled for three concerts in Hammilton.
I better try to move Terry to go.

I have however heard the Hallelujah choir sung this Advent too. It makes up for a bit, but not entirely.
The libretto, all the Biblical prophesies, touching into the bone.
I hope and expect you to have a wonderful night.
From Felisol
tinker said…
Pretty sky - but that wind is cold, I bet! Stay warm~xo
Grammy said…
Happy sky watch Friday
Love your beautiful photo.
Jim said…
Hi Sue, even that sky looks like cold weather coming! We got it here yesterday, it has only gotten into the 50's then and today. Tomorrow in the 60's, then more like our winters should be.
Happy SkyWatching,
Naturegirl said…
It is amazizng how quickly the skies change..from one hour to the next..dress warm to view my SWF entry!
Louise said…
Nice photo, and chilly weather! I'm sure the Canadians and Minnesotans think you're crazy about your cold weather, but nothing is colder than living in a warm climate and it being cold. I'm in Albuquerque, and I don't think I've ever been as cold as I have in winter here.

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