Graduation Party/Christmas Party Pics

Tomorrow is the fourth Sunday of Advent...4 more days until Christmas. After Mass tomorrow we will green the Nave in preparation for the Christmas Eve. Raf will be singing "Comfort Ye" from Messiah. Also, he is ending his Advent Sunday school study of Isaiah.
As usual, I often forget to get my camera out. There next five photos are after John's graduation back at our house for the party.
John, Cynthia (Godfather's wife), and Christi looking at photos from China
Arsi, Christi, and Remo (John's Godfather)

Janie, John, Cynthia


Last night was our 22nd Annual Christmas party. Again I forgot the camera until my cousin John was sitting by our grandson Travis. By the time I took the photos, we had only about 30 people here. We had about 75 in all.

Raf and Stan entertain
Travis and John

Tonight is our December Birthday Party. This year we are going to the Golden Moon in Weatherford because Aventino's in Fort Worth won't reopen until January 10! :>( Golden Moon is good, but Aventino's is special!

Now all I have to do between now and Christmas is finish two gifts, bake 25 gingerbread loaves, and bake the pies for Christmas day...oh, and clean the carpet because the city thoughtfully oiled our street in preparation for paving it today, and we have oil all over the carpet!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and at 4:57 pm it seems they are stopping the the oil is still there!!!)

However, the party was wonderful. So many friends. It was worth it!

Got the nicest surprises for my birthday. Raf got me a beautiful pin and scarf from Granville Island in Vancouver, and Bonny called me from Victoria!! Thanks, Bonny and Rob! And next week I will photograph the pin and scarf.


Looks like special times with family & friends. Too bad about the oil and the carpet. I would find that very upsetting.
Bonny said…
Wow! Looks like everyone had a super time at the party!!!
It's a nice way to get everyone together and celebrate all the December Birthdays.
I enjoyed talking to you, too. It's next best thing if we have to live so far apart ;)
Wow Sue--You have had several Christmases already--and so many celebrations. Wish I could have heard Raf sing "Comfort Ye My People." I love the Tenor solos in the Messiah.

Have a wonderful day-and don't work too hard.
Dawn said…
Sorry about the carpet! I think the city should pay for the cleaning!

Sounds like a wonderful party. Our large group is just about to arrive, and then the chaotic fun begins!
Jim said…
Hi Sue, you throw a neat party. Whay kind of pies are you making? Hint, I like apple, cherry, chocolate, blueberryl, blackberry, raspberry, lemon, key lime, and pumpkin. So I am betting you are making one of my favorites.
yoon see said…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:)
I just passed the Butterfly award back to you!! Come & see.

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