Gifts for Two of our Girls--and China Wall

First of all, I want to share this photo. Our grandson, John, visited the Great Wall of China, and when I saw this photo I thought he would enjoy a joke. Look how far it is to the restroom!
For Christmas this year, I mad bags for Bethy and Jenn, both age 13. Jenn is a writer and is working on her first novel. Wants to style herself as J. K. Smith (Jennifer Kathleen) in honor of J. K. Rowling. So, in her bag I included a moleskine journal with three micron pens, a subscription to the magazine Teen Ink, a couple of books on journaling and writing as a teen, a Don Price book, and the newest J. K. Rowling book. I embroidered the bag with her name on it.

And here is Bethy's bag. Bethy is an artist and is working on mixed media things but is very interested in art journaling, so I got her micron pens, a moleskine journal with watercolor paper, a small watercolor pan set, three brushed that fill with water, some pencils..colored and graphite, Danny Gregory's Illustrated Life because she loves his books, and a Don Price book.

Both girls loved their gifts and were already working hard on projects.


What great gifts and embroidery work. You are very talented, Sue.
Annie said…
What maravelous gifts Sue. I'm sure they will be greatly treasured and used.
Lisa said…
What awesome gifts! Beautiful!

I like the photo, too. Made me laugh!

Happy New Year!
Love the bags, Sue... GREAT Gifts!!!!!

The photo made me laugh also...

Happy New Year.
yoon see said…
Very funny photo, the great wall photo.
Lovely inspiring gifts for both writer & artist girls!
Dawn said…
What wonderful gifts - they must just love them and your thoughtfulness!
tinker said…
What wonderful gifts, Sioux - I bet they just love them - beautiful embroidery!
Wishing you a very happy New Year!!xo
Merle said…
Dear Sioux ~~ What wonderful gifts that I am sure will be treasured for many years. I also liked the story of Rudolph that I had not heard before. I am glad you had a lovely Christmas with your family, look forward to the photos.
Thanks for your comments and I did have a lovely time at my daughters.
They really spoilt me and took great care of me. But it is nice to be home again. Take care, my friend, and Have a very Happy New Year. Love and Hugs, Merle.

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