My Grandfather, Messiah, and Show and Tell Friday

My grandfather, John/Johan Ficke, came from Rechtebe, Bremen, Germany to the United States in October of 1888. On December 19, 1894, six years later, he became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. I doing some genealogy recently, I found his naturalization papers.
Last night we attended the first of three performances of Handel's Messiah. This one was performed at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. As I sat with my eyes shut listening to the beautiful of choir and symphony, I felt amazement at the beauty God has placed on the earth...for abilities to compose such heavenly music, to sing, to invent a trumpet or violin...and how much more than this a heavenly choir will be. I also thought how surprised Handel must be seeing this happen every year...and that people still remember him!
As to my Show and Tell (you can find more at Kelli's There's No Place Like Home), I wanted to show you an angel from my mother's nativity scene. He is out all year in our home as he heralds the birth of Christ.


Heather said…
very nice post. i love the citizenship paper. what a treasure to have.
Carla said…
What a cool find! Liquor Dealer? Cool! I, too, have been blown away by Messiah. I love your white angel! What a treasure:)
Darla said…
What an amazing find! Love the angel too.
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
I am so happy on your behalf. Most by the meeting of Handel, but also in finding your roots.
If you read German there's a wonderful, true story about how and why the Messiah was written.
Stephan Zweig has written a book called "Sternstunden der Menschenkeit". A chapter in that book is about Handel and this specific composition.
You can look it up at Gutenberg.
It's almost to wonderful to be true, but true it is.
From Felisol
Donna said…
It's wonderful that you found your Grandfathers papers! I have mine also! Happy weekend sweetie!hughugs
Toni said…
Thanks Siouz I needed a bit of Christmas Spirit.
Linda C said…
Such a neat post of your grandfather's papers. That is so special.
Linda C
Susie Homemaker said…
I love old paperwork on family history...very interesting. Gorgeous Angel!


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