Show and Tell Friday...O, Christmas Tree

Last week one of our Show and Tellers showed a ceramic Christmas I thought today I would show mine. This one was purchased years ago by my mother-in-law, and we inherited it. It's on the hearth in front of an antique clock, the wood box, and a cardinal on a granite ball.
Join us all for Show and Tell Friday!

Now I'm showing our Turtle. She likes to climb to the highest places and watch. Here she is on top of my book shelf in my studio.
Here she is on my lap. I took these photo so I could draw I need time!

And, finally, tonight we are getting ready for tomorrow. JOHN'S COLLEGE GRADUATION. check here for photos!!!


Anonymous said…
Love your little tree. My mom made one like it in ceramics class; we enjoy it every year.
Your tortoise shell cat is gorgeous! Took me a minute; Turtle, odd name for a cat. Duh!
How exciting that your son graduates from college! Congratulations!
Grammy said…
How wonderful. I so enjoyed your kitty too.
Linda C said…
I love these ceramic trees! And your cats are so sweet:)
Linda C
Edi said…
I've been looking for a little tree like that - my grandma used to have one - so it would be fun to have one - I'm gonna keep my eyes open b/c at one time they were all over the place!
I remember those trees. I never had one but some friends did.
I had the opportunity to make one of those ceramic Christmas trees when I was a teenager but at the time I thought they were too old and stodgy so I didn't make one; now I wish I had.

Congrats to you and your son on his college graduation! And right at Christmas time too. :o)

I have a tortoise shell kitty that looks a lot like your Turtle, but Dolly is at least twice her size. Dolly is a hefty gal, LOL! ;o)

Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas, my friend.

Love and hugs,

Karma said…
I absolutely love your little Christmas tree. Its so cute..
Felisol said…
DEar Siuox Sue.
Your little Christmas tree is just so cute. The clock behind the tree is what we call a mantelpiece clock.
The German Junghans made good mantelpiece clocks.
I'm looking for one when in antique shops.

Cat people are good people.
I'm sure Turtle can testify to that.

Congratulations to the proud parents and your son.
From Felisol
PEA said…
I love those ceramic mom gave me one on my 40th birthday so it's already 11 years old! Your Turtle is so precious, I just love her colours. Congratulations to John on his college graduations:-) xoxo
Alice said…
Awesome cat! (I like your Christmas tree, too :)). I have a similar tree that my mom made years ago in Canada. I love it. Your's reminds me of happy days. And, seriously, I love your cat!

Please feel free to stop by my blog and visit anytime.
Julieann said…
LOVE the tree--my grandmother has one just like it---and it is so beautiful. Turtle is adorable--and congratulations on John's graduation.

nannykim said…
I love the way cats can make themselves cozy anywhere!!!
Becki said…
I have one of these trees and your pictures remind me that I need to get it out! I keep it tucked in a box in my closet (for safe keeping) and I sometimes forget about it come Christmas.

My mother use to display it on a marble top washstand in our dining room. Sweeet memories.

I need to get mine out and maybe I'll share pics of it next week!
JanMary said…
Beautiful tree and gorgeous cat.
Congrats on your grandson's graduation too - I am sure you are bursting with pride.
marianne said…
ahhhhh she is so cute!
I have always had turtle cats but one died last year. Now I have 4 others, but they always have a special place in my heart and seeing them I have to sigh!
Lady Katherine said…
Oh, such memories, I remember this tree, My Mother-in-law made one. I guess her daughter has it. Just love it

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