Jenn's Quilt

This is the quilt I made for Jenn's 13th birthday last month. She loves cats, so the patterned fabric was all different cats. The other fabric was a batik I bought at the Flying Needle in Stephenville, Texas. They have the nicest, richest batik I have ever found.

I thought with this, I could sort of stop quilting for a while. I was making quilts for each of the granddaughters' 13th birthdays. Also, I have made one for each of our daughters.

But NO now three of the four grandsons have asked...and they want minky backing, too! So...I will start collecting fabric for them. Quilting is an enjoyable art! Quilting with minky is NOT.


Annie said…
clueless non-quilter that I am, WHAT is minky????
Oh what we do for the grandkids? I'm like Annie....what is minky???
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
You are giving your grandchildren something they will forever treasure.
I thought I was being foolish, not understanding the word minky. Looked up in my glossary and found the word mink. Imagined that they wanted quilts with a furry backside.
That would have been rather expensive, or what?
From Felisol
Ali said…
Your quilting is beautiful! I have made a couple of quilts before, but haven't in such a long time.

Bonny said…
Wow!!! This is a beautiful quilt, Sue!!!! No surprise the boys want a quilt, too.
Haven't done any quilting for years. Used to do smaller things, too: table runners, wall hangings etc.
Merle said…
Dear Sioux ~~ The quilt for Jenn is beautiful and I can understand the boys wanting one as well. I hope you can get them done next year for them.
Thanks for your comment. I have had a lot of busy days lately, but am enjoying my gazebo with the table and chairs in it. Take care, my friend. Love, Merle.
tinker said…
What a beautiful quilt, Sioux - one of these days I want to learn to quilt. I bet your granddaughter will treasure this!
Mim said…
Quilting with minky is awful. I did find that if I used the spray quilters adhesive on the back of the minky it really helped, and kept it in place instead of it stretching out like crazy.
Good luck with these projects...

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