John Christian Graduated Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could grandparents be any prouder? I don't think so. Not for one minute. John has fulfilled and exceeded all our wishes for him. I know this sounds like I am bragging, but guess what...I am! He graduated with honors. He is an Eagle Scout. He is a fine man, a moral man, loving, kind, and true. He upholds all the values he was taught as a child. As I said, I could not be prouder. No way!

John is here receiving his diploma, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas. Tarleton is the second largest university in the Texas A&M system.


Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
Congratulations to you and your grandson John.

Thank you for sharing this day of joy. I thing joy is the right thing to feel. John has been gifted from the Lord, but he sure has used his gifts admirably.

Have a blessed third Sunday of Advent.
From Felisol
Bonny said…
As loving Grandprents,Sue, you and raf you have the right, no.. almost a duty to be proud of all that John has achieved. He embodies so many things, values and morals that you helped to teach him. Of course you're proud!!!!

John, if you read this, Hello from Canada and my sincerest Congratulations for all you have mastered and achieved. And Good Luck as you continue your journey to discover your other talents and strengths that are still hidden, even from you yourself. It's up to you to nourish what you have learned and discover just how far you can go.
judie said…
That's great Sioux. Congrats to John. I hope you are not getting any of that snow! Brrrrrrrrrr xoxoxo
Sheila said…
CONGRADULATIONS......THIS GIVE ANOTHER DEPTH OF MEANING TO THE THE PHASE.....MERRY CHRISTMAS. It is good to see the achievements of those you genuienly care about.
What a wonderful Christmas gift for him, his parents and you!!!
Giggles said…
Congratulations to your Grandson...good genes and upbringing. Your country will use him to the good. Couldn't be better timing. Rightfully yours to brag....this is a proud moment...much love to you and your family! All the best to dear John!

lila said…
Congratulations proud grandparents!
Best wishes for the graduate!
Happy holidays...Merry Christmas!

I don't have much computer time here at my I'll hope to visit more often after Christmas, when I get back home!
Kelli said…
Congratulations to John!
Hi Sue, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am enjoying reading yours. I know how proud you are of your grandson. I have 5 grandchildren--and the oldest is 15.. SO---I'll be going through lots of educational celebrations myself the next several years!!!!
Merle said…
Dear Sioux ~~ Many congratulations to the proud grandparents and to John. He has done so well and I hope he has a happy and successful career.
I have left a Butterfly award for you on my blog. I hope you enjoy it my friend. Take care, Love, Merle.
marianne said…
Wow, you sure can be proud!
Enjoy this wonderful feeling!
Annie said…
Awesome, Sue. We were at TAMU on Saturday doing the very same thing for my sister. She got her PhD in Educational Psychology. Wish we could have pulled it together. Another time though. Hugs, Annie.
PEA said…
You have every right to be so proud of him, dear Sue! Such a great achievement he's done, congratulations to him again:-) xoxo
Dawn said…
What a special day for your family! We're planning to have a big celebration a year from now when Kevin graduates in December at age 32. What a journey we have all been on!
Jim said…
Congratulations to John and Sue! To John for graduating for sure and then to Sue for helping him through (Sue, you might qualify for a PJT degree--Putting John Through).
Did you find your long johns? I left mine in Nebraska but I sure am glad I brought the electric blanket. Mrs. Jim has it turned on right now.

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