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Soon as Raf has the photos from his camera downloaded, I will put up photos of our family taken yesterday. We had a beautiful day. On Christmas Eve we, with Carolyn, John, and Beth, took gingerbread around the county to friends and neighbors. Then we came back to the house to eat pizza. This is a tradition started by Raf's parents...taking bread to friends and then eating pizza.

After that, Carolyn and family went to have Christmas Eve meal with Darrell's family. They then met us at church for Midnight Mass. Raf sang in the choir. The service was beautiful. At the end of the service everyone's votives were lit, the Baby was placed in the manger, the lights were turned out, and we sang Silent Night. Then we met in the parish hall for food. Then home to bed.

Christmas morning we got us and ready and Carolyn's family, plus our friends Barney and Margaret, gathered here for Santa, to open gifts, and to have brunch. I fixed an egg casserole and popovers (another tradition) while Margaret brought a lovely cream cheese pastry, and Mary and Jerry have given us a stollen. Carolyn brought juices.

We sat around a while and visited, then Carolyn and Darrell's left. We rested a little, then we drove to Graham, Texas, to have a late dinner/early supper with all our family at Christi and Brian's new home on Lake Graham. (photos will follow in a few days) Our whole immediate family was there plus Barney and Margaret. We had a super time, the meal was delicious...Christi fixed her first turkey...and Beth and I made 3 pumpkin pies, 1 buttermilk pie, 1 chocolate chess pie, two batches of fudge, and a chocolate trifle. I got both the trifle recipe and the egg casserole here at Is She Cooking, Or What? YUMMMMMMMM!!

Now for my gifts. For Christmas I gave Raf a new camera lens that he got early, but he surprised me by giving me Margaret's loom. I have wanted one for ages, and they are downsizing. Margaret is going to teach me, too!!!! This is a Four Harness Classic LeClerc Fanny, 1962.
For my birthday Raf gave me the luscious scarf and a pin, but from Granville Island. He got them when Rob and Bonny took us there, and Rob helped him hid them! I Love Them!!
At our birthday party at the Golden Moon in Weatherford, John brought me a pink rose. Sheila gave me a bottle of wine with the balloon, and another friend of Beth's gave me some flowers at our party that had the ball and glittery things. I put them all together. Now I MUST draw that rose!!

Today we are lazing around, although we got out and found two Geocaches and intend to Geocache a whole lot more! If you haven't done this, we highly recommend it. There are Geocaches all over the world! It gets you out to some interesting places, too! GREAT GAME!


Annie said…
Hi Sue - Such a happy time you had with more to come. Your loom is fabulous. Can see some of your creations down the line. I loved your description of Midnight Mass. I'm guessing it was truly AT midnight too, yes?

I can't believe the pies and goodies you baked. I think it must be so much more fun and easier when you are doing it with family and friends.

Happy Birthday! My goal this year is to fill in my new address book right away and create a birthday calendar.

Happy New Year dear friend,
A loom!!!! How exciting.
What a marvelous time you and all of your family and extended family had on Christmas Eve and Christmas this year. I love reading about everyone's traditions. SO interesting.

Enjoy that loom!!!!!
yoon see said…
Dear Sue Seibert,
Look like you do have fun and great time.
Happy belated birthday to you.
Lots of great presents, you can now create with this new machine.
Yummy treats. I wish I could join in the fun party.
The green namecard is so cool.
Every beats shout "Great"

Happy New Year 2009!
Toni said…
You are going to love that loom!!! Awesome. My boys used to help their Grandmother on the loom when they were little on the farm.
It will make wonderful memories for you and your grandkids.
Felicity said…
What a wonderful time you had! Wow, a loom, lucky you! I'd love to play with that toy! :) And thanks so much Sue for voting for me on Katherine's blog!
Kate said…

The loom looks great and the fact that you have a teacher is a plus. I have had a Leclerc loom before and they are really nice. Soon you will be making wonderful things.


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