My Ring

Dawn, at Call Me Grandma Dawn, asked me about the ring I am using as my avatar right now. She asked if I had written about it, and I had not, so here goes.

Raf and I met in the early summer of 1976. I had moved to Nashville to attend Scarritt College, majoring in Christian education. He had come to Nashville in a band...a most deadly musical thing to do. I was working three jobs, one of which was at the Upper Room Museum where tourists came to see a carving of the Last Supper. Raf was working as a tour guide for Gray Line Tours. We were both divorced, I with three daughters, and I believe the first thing we each said to the other was that we were divorced and never, ever wanted to marry again. We were married the next May 5. God placed us in from Texas, him from Ohio. We would never have met had it not been God's doing!

Anyway, when we married, we were as poor as church mice! So we opted for two gold bands and fore-went an engagement ring. Jewelry never has been particularly important to me, so it was no problem. However, in the past five years or so, I have sort of wanted an engagement ring. I spoke of it to our baby, Christi, and she told Raf. So for Christmas two years ago, he found this beautiful ring and gave it to me. As far as material possessions go, it is my favorite.

And that is my story, and I'm sticking to it! Thanks for asking, Dawn.

Oh, the avatar is Photoshopped, so it doesn't quite look like the real thing.

To everyone all over the world, have a blessed and safe Labor Day Weekend or whatever the weekend is for you, and watch next week as we fly off to Canada and on to Alaska. Before we leave I will be posting a contest for an Alaskan and a Canadian souvenir. And I will be posting photos and a travalogue on this blog via my iphone through Flickr.


Aww that is a sweet story! Take care traveling.
Linda said…
It's a lovely story Sioux and a beautiful ring.
Have a wonderful, safe trip. I look forward to your stories and pictures. I love to visit new places - even just vicariously.
Oh- and I'm a bit old fashioned too, but I can't help but be delighted with McCains's pick.
A beautiful ring and a beautiful story to go with it. Have fun!!!
Anonymous said…
Absolutely gorgeous ring, very romantic.
Lin said…
What a sweet and loving story, Sioux -- and the ring is glorious as well! Sweet sweet man too! Have a spectacular trip -- and be safe on the road!
Giggles said…
This is my favorite kind of story...when love out shines the rings. I guess love is so powerful nothing can stop it!! Wonderful to finally have the ring that represents a solid marriage! You are one of the lucky ones!!

Hugs Sherrie
Susie said…
What a beautiful story and a simply gorgeous ring! No wonder you love it so!
Toni said…
What a beautiful story. How sweet of your husband and children to care.
Again have a safe trip

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