Ricky Skaggs at Stephenville

Originally uploaded by SiouxCiySue
We are sitting under the stars listening to Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder at the Birdsong Amphitheater in Stephenville, Texas, with John, Beth and their friends. My hometown!


That looks like a fun time!
Jim said…
Hi Sioux, that reminds me of when we were at Luckenbach, Texas, this summer. No one as good as Ricky Scaggs was there though. Just a hippy looking guy (not Willie N.).
Sunday night we have tickets for Lyle Lovett here at the Cynthia Woods Pavillion in the Woodlands, ours are up fairly close in the A/C area.
PEA said…
My mom and I went to see Ricky Skaggs in concert when he came to Sudbury back in the 80's. We both love his music and it was so wonderful to be able to go see him in person:-) xoxo
Barbara said…
My friends in Louisville know these guys.

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