Double J Hacienda and Art Ranch

Double J
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This is the former Seybold Guest Ranch in Mimeral Wells TX. Tonight they showed Kent Barker and Peggy Wolf's photographs.

Here are some other photos from the Double J, too. If you ever get a chance to visit this beautiful place for music, art, or yoga/meditation. Do it. You won't fine better singer/songwriter music, art...contemporary, traditional, photographs, assemblages, you name it, food (tonight was Cajun with a desert of fresh peaches stewed in a liqueur and served with fresh currants and cream), yoga seminars and meditation workshops, massage therapists, rooms for over night. All this overlooking the Brazos River in the North Texas Hill Country. You can't beat it!


Barbara said…
That blue cacti looks so vivid amongst it's background. You can grow large what we can grown only in pots here of course.

I don't think I want it 100f but I do want some sun. We had a beautiful hot suny day yesterday but only for 1 day. Woke up to thick mist and drizzle today.

Don't think I commented on your ring story on l;ast visit. Amazing how God over rides our plans.
PlainCatholic said…
Beautiful flowers among the thorns: tis my favorite metaphor, that.

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