Show and Tell Friday

My Show and Tell this week is in my front garden where I have three statues, two of angels and one of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our grass is beautifully green this year. More so than in the past, and the vines and other growth are also growing quite well. It has been a fairly wet summer, especially for us here in Texas, and it has been a blessed relief.

One of the angels I bought at our church and the other was given to us upon the death of some family member...can't remember who because it's been years and years. The Blessed Virgin was give to us by Patty and Floyd who also gave one to our friends Remo and Cynthia. We had all been in confirmation class together.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend! Happy Labor Day!


ceekay said…
I really like lawn sculptures. Yours are very nice.
Kelli said…
Your special statues are lovely and your garden is doing so well this summer!
Linda said…
Hi Sioux,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comment.
Your garden looks lovely. You're right - the rain we've had here in Texas is a blessing.
It is so nice to meet you!
Carla said…
How sweet they are! How innocent the angels are, how serene Mary is. Sweet! I'm in TX too and am loving all the rain!
GrumpyAngel said…
Beautiful garden! The statues add such a tranquil feeling to it. It almost reminds me of the beautiful convent grounds near the home my parents had when I was little.
Very lovely. You know how much I love angels!
Hootin' Anni said…
These just take my breath away! How beautiful...and so peaceful looking...I could come over right? Didn't you invite me to sit with you in your beautiful garden? [kidding] It IS beautiful...very beautiful.

Have a super Friday evening. I'm running a little behind in my visiting this afternoon since I've been scrubbing and cleaning all day. It's I'm gonna crash in front of the TV a while. :o)
Dawn said…
Lovely lawn decor! Thanks for coming by today for my school memories. I forgot to mention that both of my 30-something children started school this week, too. One will graduate this summer and the other is taking a on line course of study.

That is a beautiful ring you have on your profile picture - did you blog about it?
BarbaraLee said…
I love giving angels for baby gifts.
The vinca, grass and other plants are really green, especially for this time of year in Texas.

It's been an average year for Summer rainfall here in Arkansas, but cooler than average over the last month or so. And I am so thankful!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Sue! :o)

Love and hugs,

Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
Lovely statuettes, the three of them.
Virgin Mary, oh, she looks so calm and peaceful, at her right place in your garden.
I too have angles in and outdoors, and the Madonna with Child Jesus by our entrance door.
I'm not a great talker, but the way we decorate our homes does also say a lot, don't you think?
From Felisol

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