Cactus Monday

I am endeavoring to get back into the groove of drawing and doing mixed media. I am FINALLY finished with the quilt...although I have another one due in November...and we will be gone 2+weeks in September and in October. But NOW I am trying to draw again. I love than Teri, of Teri's Painted Daisies, paints a cactus each Monday, and I am going to try to join her in this. So here goes. The prickly pear cacti are in fruit now. I finished the quilt so late yesterday that I didn't really have time to complete this, but I intend to do so. This is graphite and colored pencil on moleskine.


Teri C said…
I am so glad to hear you are sketching again!!! This cactus fruit is going to be so pretty.

Let me know before next Monday if you are going to post a cactus (the finish of this one I hope) and I will make a note on my blog.

And welcome to Cactus Monday!

hugs to you
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
I like women of may arts.
I believe you are into most.
The sketch was nice, made me plan to go down in my hobby room, finishing something that has not been touched since early spring.
Unlike you I have to enjoy the rare warm summer days while they're still here.
Indoor creativity is from October till March.
This summer we even had a couple of days when it was too hot to sit in the sun all day.
I keep my pencils sharpened and my brushes clean though, for the rainy days.
To watch your work is like going in an art gallery; I always get work inspiration.
I am waiting for your next move..
From Felisol
soulbrush said…
and what a terrific illo, welcome to cactus monday fellow cactuteer.
Julie said…
Hi Sioux! I love your prickly pear! And your bracelets too!
It is great you are drawing again Sioux. Welcome to Cactus Monday. I know I am just getting around to visiting but my work week was topsy tervy this week so here I am a little late.

Your other art is great too. See you next week...

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