3 More Braclets

Blogger is acting funny, so I'll put my comments here. I finished the other three bracelets today, and I have them in the little mesh bags...which are lavender, but look white in these photos.

Today we also ran to the "blinking light" half way between here and Stephenville where John is in his final semester of his bachelors in business. We had ordered used books, as usual, and two had not come in until today...when one came in. He's having homework in it, so he needed it now.

Tonight we will go the the county precinct town hall meeting...just to check it out. Then tomorrow we go to Fort Worth for food, last minute travel items, and Raf has a "Remain Faithful" board meeting at the diocese office.

I was hoping to work on the cactus I began last week, but I didn't, so my goal is next Monday. We shall see!


Those bracelets are all so very lovely. Great job.
lila said…
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lila said…
(Trying without typos, I hope!)
The beads make such pretty bracelets!!!
soulbrush said…
these are really pretty, looking forward to seeing your cactus next week.
Barbara said…
Nice bracelets. Fun when you can make an individual match for a specific person when you make your own.

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