Show and Tell Friday

Kelli at There is No Place Like Home sponsors Show and Tell Friday. I haven't participated for a while, but I want to get started again.

The photo above is from my living room. The table is one of the many antiques I inherited from my mother. The bowl was one I bought for Raf for his birthday several years ago. I got it at an antique place in Graham, Texas. The plate was given to us by Barney and Margaret when they saw the matches so well. They had gotten it from an artist in Lubbock. The cat and angel were both given to me by Carolyn and Darrell at different times. The covered trinket bowl was made for me by my friend Cea who lives in Austin. I get lots of compliments about this little grouping, and I love it!


What a lovely vignette! The colors are stunning...
Kelli said…
Those are beautiful items...I especially love the soft blues and greens. I saw your name on Mr. Linky yesterday, but it was linked to your sky watch post. I came to the main page of your blog, but didn't see this post at all. I'm not sure what happened the 2nd time. I know Mr. Linky has been giving other people trouble as well. I will go and add your name to the list now.
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Carla said…
Perfect! The colors really compliment each other! Thank you for sharing (I'll be back)
Dawn said…
Very lovely grouping - welcome back to Friday S&T!
Jim said…
Isn't it nice to have things around that have pleasant (most of the time) memories for us!
My Mom and Dad's first dining table is in our breakfast room along with the six chairs.
Grandpa came driving up with it when they got married, WAY BACK in the early thirties.
Thank you for the compliment, I am glad you told me that.
Thank you again. :-)
I couldn't leave (I know you weren't fishing for a compliment) without telling in return you how I feel about you.
You are a great encourager, I see you plastered all over the blogs, always with nice things to say. I can not ever remember you getting even a little onery or frisky or boastful, just down to earth, helpful and cheerful and pleasant. :-)
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
I liked the way you have composed your exhibition. The colors so matching and yet with the crystal cat also challenging each other.
My favorite is the jewelery box.
So neatly crafted.
From Felisol
lila said…
Hello Sioux!
Your soft blues look lovely in the photo.
I wanted to tell you to peak at my visit to Arkadelphia (since you spent the night there...), I went to my class reunion last weekend...
Hope you are doing well!
miss*R said…
I love pottery and am forever looking for the perfect water jug...

and thankyou so much for your visit and comment for my sister in law.. I am printing these out to give to her children xo
I'm late getting around!!! Lovely display. I especially appreciate the pottery.

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