Remembering Mothers

Anna Margaret Clifford Seibert and Rose Elizabeth Bowden Ficke Sparks

In going through a bunch of old photographs, I found this one yesterday. This is Raf's mother on the left and my mother on the right. This was taken at Carolyn's house on Christmas of 1997. That was over 11 years ago. Our mothers were both healthy and more or less in their right minds.

Both of them are gone now, and it was a blessing to find this photo of them looking so lively and happy.

Several of you have asked if we have heard from John. Yes, we have had several short emails. Evidently he is having a problem with the computer setup at the University of Shanghai. He also sounds very tired, which, of course, is jet-lag, among other things.

You have also asked what he is studying. It's the Chinese language and international business, and he is interning at a Chinese business.

Now, off we go to church in a few minutes. Then, this afternoon, we are going to visit the Dallas Museum of Art to view the 146 Turner paintings and eat dinner with my old friend and classmate, Helen.

So, Happy Mothers' Day to all you gals!


Barbara said…
Happy Mothers Day to you over there. I assume that it is yur son who is studying in China. Nice to have the photo of both your Mother's together.
Tinker said…
What a sweet photo of your moms!
Wishing you a happy Mother's Day, Sioux!
Kelli said…
What a wonderful picture, Sioux! Happy Mother's Day! It is starting to warm up here too. Yesterday was 92(yuck), but today is a pleasant 72!
PEA said…
Happy Mother's Day to you too, dear Sue:-) I do hope you've had a fabulous day so far. Such a wonderful picture of yours and Raf's moms, the perfect way to remember them, smiling like that!! xoxo
Lin said…
What a most endearing and tender photo, Sioux!! Such good memories. I hope your Mother's Day was sweet and wonderful!
Dawn said…
Happy Mother's Day to you, too - it is almost over for another year.

What a great picture of your moms - my mom and MIL are together often, too. We are blessed to still have both of them, right here in our town.
lila said…
What a wonderful photo from the past!
It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day this year!
Gillian said…
Great photo and fond memories.

Lucky you visiting the gallery of Turner's paintings. We went to see his work in London about 30 odd years ago and it's powerful stuff. Hope you enjoy your visit. x
Merle said…
Dear Sioux ~~ Lovely photo of your mothers who look so well and happy.
What a treasure to find it just now.
I am glad your grandson has been in touch and he will feel better once he gets over the trip and gets settled.
I hope he does very well. Thank you for your comments and glad you enjoyed the jokes. Take great care
my friend, Love, Merle.
Anonymous said…
Sweet photos. They look like they are best buds.

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