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Our roof is done!!! There were 4 roofs under there, and our roofer, a woman, did it all in record time. There have been a lot of fly-by-night roofers going around, and we are only the second roof in the neighborhood of several hundred houses to get it finished! Revelation Roofing is Great! Girl Roofers Rule!

Here are some photos from the past couple of weeks. The first shows our bishop, Jack Iker, and his wife, Donna, at the celebrate of his 15th year as a bishop. Bishop Iker and Donna have known each other since kindergarten! He is a strong, courageous man with a strong, courageous woman at his side.
There are photos taken at the convocation of delegates of the Diocese of Fort Worth when Archbishop Gregory Venables , Primate of the Southern Cone of the Anglican Communion, came to visit. We met in the gym at St. Vincent's Cathedral School.
We ate at La Peeps in Bedford, Texas, Saturday morning. It was good, but not as good or as arty as La Peeps in Nashville!

The rmmga gathering in Glen Rose was sandwiched in between the convocation and Evensong with Archbishop Venables. This was the best D/FW gathering thus far! Great job, Stan!

The first evening of the gathering we ate at Anderson's Cafe on the Square in Glen Rose, Texas.

This is our Christmas cactus that bloomed last week.
Here are Raf (top) and Willy (next) singing at our St. Luke's Coffeehouse Concert Series.

Turtle is resting..shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Tonight we go to Chili's for Joey's 19th birthday. And to wish John well as he goes to China to study. I am so proud he has been chosen to go, but I'll hold my breath until he gets back. Please pray for his safe return.


Robyn said…
Pleased to hear that the roof is done. If you want a job done properly, ask a woman. If you want it done quickly, ask a busy woman :-)
tinker said…
Wow - that girl must be in good shape! Roofing is hard work - good for her!
Your food photos are making me want breakfast for dinner...but I have too much homemade chili left over still, so I guess I'll have to wait...

Hope you had a happy anniversary!
Annie said…
I really liked seeing this Sue. Made me think of all the times in my past when we celebrated these sorts of events. Some things never change.

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