Dallas Museum of Art

We spent Sunday, Mother's Day, first at church, where a mission representative from Malawi came to speak to us during coffee hour. From there Raf and I ate at Baker's Ribs for a quick lunch...then off to Dallas to the Dallas Museum of Art to see the J M W Turner exhibit...over 140 of his works. They were also having a showing of Onderdonk's bluebonnets and other of his impressionistic work. We also viewed a wonderful fiber and fabric collection. The museum was terribly crowded because everyone...and his mother...were also at the exhibit. When we parked in the parking garage, the driver's side window refused to raise, and it took Raf over 30 minutes to fix it. It's going in tomorrow for the Ford people to really fix it. After the museum we ate with my lifelong friend Helen. Helen and I lived two doors down from each other in Stephenville from the time we were small until after our freshman year in high school when my parents and I moved to Mineral Wells. Yesterday I spent the day making a baby quilt for a friend's son's new baby. These photos were taken with my phone, so they are not spectacular by any means. Today we are going to Fort Worth to Central Market and the bookstore. I haven't done my Cactus for Cactus Monday, but I will. . .In front of the Dallas Museum of Art.
Helen at Patrizio's Italian Restaurant in Highland Park Village. This is a wonderful place to eat!


Tinker said…
'Everybody and their mothers' - hee-hee...
Sounds like a wonderful day - (except for the window thing :)
How great to spend it with a 'lifetime friend.'
So glad your grandson is okay!
Susie said…
Aren't lifelong friends one of life's greatest blessings!
So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!
Kelli said…
It looks like you had a wonderful and fun Mother's Day, Sioux!
Toni said…
Sioux sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's day. Awesome exhibit you saw.

Wishing your grandson a safe journey.

Loved seeing the vintage card. How different we are today. I never sign as 'Mrs.'
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you had a wonderful day. The artwork is awesome!

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