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Here's a most recent photo of John taken last Saturday in Shanghai old town. Interestingly they have Dairy Queen, Subway, Burger King, and WalMart all in Shanghai. There really isn't any safe water, though,...even the local people have told him that. So, he has to brush his teeth and clean contacts with bottled water, as well as drink it. He has the rest of this week in classes at Shanghai University, and then the rest of the time will be spent working in a Chinese company as an intern.

If you have kids, grandchildren, friends, etc. who are going to be away, but if they and you have computers, you can communicate with them wonderfully through Skype. This is free. You can text in real time, talk, and if you have a camera you can see each other. Raf and I were musing about how this could not have happened in the 1960's when we were John's age and how wonderful it is now. Funny how much better I feel when I can hear John's voice. I believe a lot of our servicemen use this to communicate with their loved ones back home, too.

Sunday, after church, Raf and I went to Bass Hall in Fort Worth to see the opera, Lucia di Lammermoor. It was a wonderful performance. Then we ate at an Italian place, Taverna, in Sundance Square. The Vault is one we wanted to try, but it wasn't open on Sunday evening.

Right now I am in the midst of typing a memoir of my aunt's, Bessie Mae Ficke Clark, so our family can share it. It tells tales from my father's growing up with his 7 sisters in Wheeler, Texas, and in Braymer, Missouri, in the 1920's and 1930's. It's been very interesting so far, and it's astounding that my aunt typed this 7 times, one for each of her siblings.

Well, that's all the news that's fit to print. See ya in the funny papers!


Sioux, we have kids living in Dallas and have used Skype many times. It's amazing what technology allows today.

I sure wish Texas was closer, but I understand the distance to China as well. Our second daughter spent a month there doing missions when she was a teenager. We had almost no communication with her during that time. It was difficult. At least I talk to my Texas kids daily.
Dean Hughson said…
Consider sharing some of the Braymer Missouri history with the local folks in the Braymer Bee newspaper. I write for them and know they would love to have you write something. contact publisher Anne Lorene
diana said…
that must be hard having a relative so far away. hope he's enjoying the experience.

researching and writing genealogy is something i'd like to get into at some point in my life.

thanks for stopping by by blog. hope you'll come by again.
It is amazing that all the large US companies are around the world.
Gillian said…
How wonderful Shanghai looks! Thanks for sharing.
Mary said…

I have heard that Skype is a marvelous way of communicating. My family is all nearby for now, but I do have a lot of friends in the US.

I think your aunt's family history would be marvelous to read. I am a history buff and love reading about the events in the lives of our ancestors.

Take care and have a great week.
Dawn said…
Skype is a wonderful program - I can talk to my cousin in Mali, Africa, and it sounds like she's next door.

That's amazing that your aunt typed the manuscript 7 times! Probably not even on an electric!
PEA said…
I am just so thrilled for John to be having this experience in China...such a different world from ours but yet, not so different if they have Burger King, Dairy Queen, etc! lol It certainly is amazing how far technology has come where keeping in contact is concerned...loved ones don't seem so far away when you can chat with them and see them every day on the computer:-) Hope your week is a wonderful one!! xoxo
lila said…
Our technology makes sharing the present and family history much easier than in earlier generations...sometimes I think less could be more even here, so much information to archive and store!
Hoping things are good in Texas!
Terri said…
What a wonderful adventure your son is on! Is he enjoying himself?
Merle said…
Dear Sioux ~~ I am so glad that John is safe and enjoying China. Nice to see some of the same shops as at home. I am so glad you are able to talk to him and vice versa. Robyn is
always so helpful. Take care, Sioux
Love, Merle.
Just wanted you to know I've been missing you :o)
hookedonstring said…
DQ sounds good about now. Skype is wonderful, I agree.
Dawn said…
Just checking in to be sure you're okay!
Glad to see your prayer on the prayer blog. Been missing you here. Is all okay?
tinker said…
How great that you can talk to your grandson all the way in China! Glad all is going well for him there.
That's wonderful that your family has written memoirs too - there are so many family stories my grandma and aunts used to tell, that I wish I had written down - the details get all fuzzy over time...
Susie Q said…
I love that you are typing the mamoir. That is a priceless treasure for all the family! How wonderful!

What a thrill fo rthese youn people to be in China!

We truly loved our 2 weeks there. No, no water is safe really unless you boil it first. We had a small elecric tea kettle in our hotle room that did the trick and bottled water is easily available in the stores.
I am guessing he has found the people, as we did, to be friendly and interested and warm.
The were so welcoming!
How nice to be able to commuicate by computer!

I wil keep them all in my prayers that their trip is all they hope it will be!

Love to you Sioux!


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