Japanese Botanial Garden Sketches

These are the products of our trip to the Japanese Garden in the Fort Worth Botanical Garden yesterday.

This first was an huge evergreen bush about 4 feet tall with blue berries that looked like small grapes. The leaves were very large holly-type leaves, but there was no name on the bush. Does anyone know what it might be?In the ponds, as in most Japanese gardens in the USA, were Imperial Carp (Koi). Some were golden, some were white, and many had black or brown spots on their backs. The water was a murky green, not blue.
Around the ponds were small blue irises. I think they might have been of the group Monocot, and they had very little yellow and no beard. They looked more like the native iris of Tennessee that the big bearded domestic varieties.

All-in-all it was a very fine day, but we are exhausted today after two days in Fort Worth, and this weekend will be rush, rush, rush.


AnnieElf said…
Hi Friend, I so love the delicacy of your paintings here. Perfectly evokes a Japanese Garden.
That is very adorable! Oh and I can not wait for the surprise you sent! A million thanks!
Sheila said…
Nice art work here..!
I've seen those small irises growing near water, but have no clue as to their name.
PEA said…
Your sketches are so delightful! I can't even draw stick figures so I'm quite impressed at how well you can draw:-) I'm so glad you had a wonderful time at the Botanical Gardens...I just love places like that!! xox
Midlife Mom said…
I'm with Pea, I can't even draw a decent stick figure so I really admire someone who is blessed with the talent for drawing. Sounds like you had a fun day and saw lots of pretty things. Those new windows sound great. I'd love to have the kind with the shade inside. Quite an invention!
Dawn said…
The paintings are lovely - especially the iris! You are very talented.

Pella windows are wonderful. You'll love them.
Mary said…
I enjoyed your sketches of the plants in the botanical garden. Thanks so much for sharing your artistic talents.

judie said…
If you don't find out before then, I'll ask the Japanese instructor at work, who paints flowers all the time and is a member of Ikebana, the name of that holly shaped leaf plant with the berries.
We have 3 grown children yes and 7 grands..We are alike in that way..smile!!
Nice to hear from you. I am keeping two of those grands this weekend. Hopefully I will still be alive by Monday.

Teri C said…
Such nice paintings of the gardens. Those gardens are so full of beauty how can you even stop. So good to see you sketching again.
Gillian said…
Aren't Japanese gardens wonderful - so tranquil. Beautiful memories you've drawn too.
My first thought re your holly-like shrub was that it might be a Mahonia - maybe Mahonia Aquifolium.
See here... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oregon-grape
Sioux said…
Thanks, Gillian, for telling me what the plant with the berries is:

Oregon-grape (Mahonia aquifolium, Berberidaceae)
I just love a japanese garden! How wonderfully you captured it!! ;) Happy Friday!!
Beth said…
Glad you stopped by my blog. Glad to meet a previous Kingston Springer. I still own my house there but now live in Dickson which is a little west of KS.
I Love your paintings! They are wonderful!
Inspired Tokens said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. I also enjoy new visitors and getting to know my bloggers.

I adore you paintings. They are so soft and delicate. Beautiful artwork.

Again thanks for stopping by...I be back to visit soon.
Kelli said…
Your sketches are lovely, Sioux! I love the fish!
lila said…
So glad you took your sketchbook to the garden with you!!!!
We have native "flags" here in the Ozarks which are similar!
Dawn said…
Re your comment - I do come from a large family. With my immediate family (no cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. -Mom and Dad, their kids, and our kids) we have 51 with one more marriage coming in July and one more baby on the way. I should post a picture of our family reunion.
I had a plant like the first painting, when I first moved into my house...I don't know the name of it...sorry!

Love you paintings though!
caseytoussaint said…
Beautiful sketches, Sioux. I like the way you design the flower paintings especially.
Susie said…
Love your art work! I bet the gardens were just beautiful. I so enjoy watching the koi..so peaceful..
Toni said…
Hey Sioux hope you had a good weekend. Your drawings are great and shows you had a relaxing time at the gardens.
Susie said…
Hi Sioux,
I couldn't find a place to comment on our 31st anniversary post, but wanted to wish you both the best!
tinker said…
I love koi ponds! And your sketches - the iris is my favorite!
I always wish that I could walk around gardens with a small machine - I'd show it the plant, it would record it and then tell me what it is. I should be so lucky!

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